1. Phomemo M03 Pocket Printer

The Phomemo M03 is a novel type of pocket printer. It is very user-friendly and portable that can be easily carried anywhere.

It also has an app that allows us to print photos on the go instead of using conventional methods like sending them through WhatsApp or Facebook posts. The device takes prints of real size 4″ x6″.

The printer is available in black and white color. The black one looks more elegant and gives a high-end feel to it.

Setting up the printer is very easy, just take it out of the box, remove all the tapes and install the provided black cartridge. However, the white one needs to be removed from the printer before use.

Although there is manual instruction for this process doing it by yourself can be tricky. In case you face any problem, contacting customer care should be your top priority; otherwise, you might end up damaging your printer.

The device has a small LCD screen, which shows the number of prints left and the cartridge’s life remaining. The M03 also boasts a 4GB built-in memory to store countless memories without uploading them on any social media platform, which can be viewed later whenever you want.

Although the device has an excellent user interface, which is very easy to use and provides total control of what you want to print, it lacks proper connectivity options.

It does not have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi support through which we can directly transfer images from our mobile phones. We have to connect our mobile phone with the printer via USB cable and start printing.

Because of its small pocket size, the Phomemo M03 pocket printer is best suitable for home use. You can find it fit into your hand, and this handy gadget will have so many benefits in your home.


Printing Technology: Thermal

Brand: Phomemo

Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth

Compatible Devices: Smartphones

Color: Green

Printer Output: Monochrome

Print media: Glossy photo paper

Scanner Type: Photo

Hardware Interface: Bluetooth, USB

Control Method: App

2. DYMO LabelWriter 550 Label Printer

The DYMO LabelWriter 550 label printer connects to your computer via USB. It prints labels on adhesive-backed paper and can be used to print barcodes, address labels, shipping labels, and more. The printer comes with software for creating labels and templates for various types of labels.

It also includes a guide for creating custom labels. The DYMO LabelWriter 550 prints labels at a resolution of 300 dpi and is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.

The DYMO LabelWriter 550 is a reliable printer that is perfect for printing labels for various purposes. It is quite easy to use with many templates and customization options.

The printer prints quickly and produces high-quality labels. Overall, the DYMO LabelWriter 550 is an excellent option for anyone looking for a quality label printer.

If you’re looking for a good quality label printer, the DYMO LabelWriter 550 is worth considering. This is the most reliable and must-have gadget for your office and workplace.


Printing Technology: Thermal

Brand: ‎DYMO

Connectivity Technology: USB

Compatible Devices: Windows & Mac Computers

Color: Black & White

Printer Output: Monochrome

Print media: Glossy photo paper

Scanner Type: Photo

Hardware Interface: USB

3. Sanford Brands 1756589 RHINO 5200 Label Printer Kit

Sanford Brands 1756589 RHINO 5200 Label Printer Kit is a kit from Sanford Brands, which includes everything you need to print labels from your Windows or Mac computer.

If you’re looking for an easy way to print labels from your computer, then the Sanford Brands 1756589 RHINO 5200 Label Printer Kit is a great option. The kit includes everything you need for label printing.

The device has a small display that makes it easy to see information about printing jobs. It’s even easier to use with software included in the kit because the driver gives you access to several advanced options for customizing your label design.

Overall, Sanford Brands 1756589 RHINO 5200 Label Printer Kit is very good, and we would recommend it to everyone looking for an easy way to print labels from their computer.

The kit is affordable, easy to use, and comes with all the necessary software and hardware – making it a great option for any home or office.

So if you’re looking for an affordable, easy-to-use option, then the Sanford Brands 1756589 RHINO 5200 Label Printer Kit is worth considering.


Printing Technology: Thermal

Brand: Stanford

Connectivity Technology: USB

Compatible Devices: Windows & Mac Computers

Color: Yellow/Black

Printer Output: Monochrome

Print media: Glossy photo paper

4. Marklife P11 Label Make

Marklife P11 is an easy to use and lightweight  Label Maker. Marklife P11 Label Makers is used for printing labels with a single click of a button. This Label Printer is Ideal and simple and sleek and you can carry it anywhere easily.

It has an inbuilt memory of 8 MB that helps in saving labels. It also comes with a 20-meter cable line which enables you to place it far from the host PC while working on it, enabling you freedom while printing labels.

It enables you to print continuously without any trouble or manual intervention. One can do work queue up to 31 files via USB Flash Disk or Thumb Drive Auto power-off for power saving Connection Type.

It is USB Port Operating System Compatibility with Windows XP/Vista/7/8. The minimum system requirement is Pentium III 500 MHz or above, 128 MB RAM.

Marklife P11 Label Makers is compact in design and have an efficient print resolution. This printer can also use with other popular label designing software’s to print labels.

This Label Printer is the Best Selling Label Maker all over the world. With a low price, this printer has won the hearts of customers worldwide, making it a top choice in its category.


Printing Technology: Thermal


Connectivity Technology: USB

Compatible Devices: Smartphones

Colour: White

Printer Output: Monochrome

Print media: Labels

Scanner Type: Photo

Hardware Interface: USB


Label printers have many benefits in the workplace. Label printers can help improve organizational efficiency and productivity by helping to keep workplaces organized and streamlined. Additionally, they can also help reduce waste and improve safety.

Label printers can help improve organizational efficiency by allowing workers to quickly and easily create labels for their belongings or work items. It helps reduce the time spent looking for specific items and the amount of time wasted sorting through misplaced belongings.

Our experts have tested many label printers available in the market and chose these three products to meet your requirements.

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