The metal bar that attaches to the watch’s lugs holds the strap or bracelet in a place known as the spring bar. It is possible that the spring bars on your watch need to be removed for various reasons. But removing them without the right tools can be a challenge. Since the spring bars are attached to straps, they are small and hard to reach. Spring bars can be found in a wide range of watches.

The spring bars keep your watch in place on your wrist while worn. If a spring bar breaks, you should replace it with a top-notch one. Having quality spring bars can help you to repair your watch bands easily. Check out this article for more information on Chenzt heavy duty watch band spring bar review. 

Features of Chenzt Spring bar  

The kit provides different spring bar

 Per package, you will receive a total of ten spring bars. It is only possible to use spring bars for watch bands with the same lug width (or buckle width if the spring bars are used for buckle attachments) as the spring bars selected. There is a slight extension of the spring bars due to the spring mechanism, which is longer than the size of the spring bars. This is necessary for the spring bars of the watch to have a firm hold in the watch once the watchbands have been fitted.

Compatible with Different Watch Brands 

It is possible to resolve this problem by replacing the strap and taking off the watch strap from the watch. To use this watch band, you need to have a watch brand with spring bars.

Compatible with watches with 18mm wide watch bands, watch lugs, or 25mm strap buckles. 1.8mm diameter can be attached to the majority of watches and bands. The nut diameter will probably fall between 1.77 mm and 1.80 mm due to dimensional tolerances.

Easy to Use

The spring bar set will help you finish your work quickly if you repair your watch band. The double shoulder design allows you to quickly and easily insert and remove for repair or adjustment. Using these spring bars, you can easily replace any type of watch band. With this watch, you will no longer have to worry about not fitting your watch to the strap or having a broken watch. 


Chenzt heavy duty watch band spring bars are made of 316L stainless steel, which is allergy free and will not corrode, rust, or stain with water. Aside from the built-in material, it stands out from the other cheap brands on the market. The spring bars consist of two metal ends and are used to adjust watch spring bars. A spring bar can be grabbed from the interior of the lug at the end of the lug. From the exterior of the lug, the other end pushes the spring bar.   


  • Spring bar watch band repair toolkit will allow you to fix any watch strap issue easily and quickly. 
  • All the rust-resistant products maintain high production value to ensure durability for a long period.  
  • The spring bar watch band repair tool kit comes with 10 pieces of stainless steel watch band pins that can be used to repair watch bands.
  • It is compatible with most watches. 
  • You can easily travel with the watch band pins in a small portable bag. This allows you to use the kit anywhere and anytime. 
  • You can change any type of watch band pin using the kit. So it will be easy to fix your watch band issue from home.


  •  Watchband pins can be damaged if you are not an expert.

Why Should Anyone Buy the Chenzt Heavy Duty Watch Band Spring Bars for use?

If you are a watch user, the spring bar watch band repair kit is one of the products that will definitely come in handy. In addition, you can find 10 stainless steel watch band pins from the spring bar watch band kit in it for repairing watches. You can quickly change watch straps and fix watch band problems using the watch strap change tool. To ensure that the tools last a long time, they are constructed from the highest quality metal and tested for quality. The kit is compatible with a wide range of watch brands and models. In addition to being more precise, performing better, and making repairs easier, high-quality watch band kits are also more affordable. This watch band kit can be used to rectify any problem with wristwatch bands.

Anyone can repair their watch with the help of this watch band kit since it comes with a proper instruction manual. The product is also reasonably priced despite its high quality. Because of all these reasons, it is a very popular tool for repairing watch bands.  


What can I use as a spring bar tool?

A very small knife or a small screwdriver will work if you don’t have a spring bar tool available. Watch enthusiasts doest recommend using anything else as a spring bar tool. However, if that’s your only choice and you really want to change the strap, we’d say just do it.

What is a good watch repair toolkit?

 You should make sure that your watch repair tool kit includes all of the needed tools. You should also ensure that the tools are corrosion-resistant. Such tools will last a long time if they are corrosion-resistant materials. 

When should I replace my spring bar?

It is not uncommon for spring bars to become old, rust, and even break. In most cases, this occurs when taking off the bracelet, which causes the spring bar to come out in pieces. The spring bars should be replaced every few years or when they become bent or damaged.

Final Words 

Watch users often have to deal with broken spring bars when they use their watches. If you have a top-quality spring bar, you can be sure to fix the problem quickly without having to go to the mechanic. Chenzt heavy-duty watch band spring bars offer excellent quality, durability, and compatibility.  


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