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Every DIY lover or artisan will have a caliper or a vernier caliper, as they’re colloquially known, at some point. While some of us may know the mechanical type, some have a digital display to increase the reading accuracy.

If shopping for a digital caliper and wondering which one between Qfun and Mahr does the job best, this comparison will highlight everything you need to know to decide. Let’s look at the vital features that these two digital calipers offer before making a choice.

Which One Should You Consider Between Qfun and Mahr Digital Calipers?

Qfun and Mahr digital calipers are some of the highly-rated calipers in the market, and you’ll find them in most artisan outlets. Both share advanced measurement reading features that any handyman, professional, or DIY enthusiast will find valuable.

With both digital calipers sharing almost similar features, which one will be the best for all your craftwork? Let’s see how both compare against these important features.

Housing Cover

A housing cover ensures the digital caliper is protected from damage by other tools while not in use. Also, when exposed, dirt can enter the digital component, making it give false readings. With a housing cover, a digital caliper is always protected from contaminants and physical damage.

Unfortunately, Mahr digital caliper doesn’t come with a housing cover for its digital LCD, which leaves it exposed to all sorts of damage risks. If you consider this caliper, you’ll need to devise a way of protecting the digital display from potential risk damage, which might not be efficient.

Qfun digital caliper measuring tool comes with a housing cover made out of stainless steel to secure and protect the digital display. That means that if you stack your caliper with other tools in your toolbox, nothing will cause any damage to the LCD.

Thumb Wheel

A caliper measuring tool with a thumb wheel makes its operation much easier, which aids in achieving fine adjustments. Attaining exact measurements will also need a precise measuring force to act on the workpiece being measured. A thumb wheel allows the user to bring the digital measuring gauge’s head to the workpiece to get a precise reading.

Mahr digital caliper also falls short on this in that it doesn’t have a thumb wheel. You’ll be forced to move the head of your caliper by hand, which won’t guarantee a more accurate reading.

With Qfun digital caliper, the available thumb wheel makes it more efficient in giving accurate readings. Combined with the locking screw, you can get the most precise, reliable measurement by twisting the thumb wheel to an appropriate level and lock it in position with the locking screw.  


Metric Conversion Scale

While the scale is an essential feature of a digital caliper, the ability to convert from one metric scale to another offers more convenience. The most commonly used scale conversion is inches and millimeters.

On this aspect, both Mahr and Qfun digital calipers offer two units conversion, that is, inches and millimeters. However, Qfun takes the point home with its ability to allow the user to create a zero setting while taking measurements at any point.

The zero button feature allows you to set a zero point before taking the measurement but also allows setting a zero at any point.

The Digital Display

Of course, the reason why they’re called digital calipers is because of their LCDs. Both Mahr and Qfun have clear and illuminated digital displays. But bigger is always better; Qfun digital caliper offers a 6 inches big LCD, while Mahr has a 5-inch display.

A bigger display offers easy reading with a larger font size that allows viewing even from a distance. With a smaller display, taking measurement reading may be a little strenuous from a distance, especially for long-sighted individuals.

Dustproof and Waterproof rating

Since there will be moments where you’ll be working in relatively wet and dusty areas, it’s crucial to have a waterproof and dustproof digital caliper. Most are usually waterproof, but only the ratings may differ. Some can withstand extremely wet conditions, while some can’t.

The waterproof and dustproof capability is often given an IP rating featuring two digits. The first digit stands for debris/dust ingress, while the second is for moisture/water. Mahr digital caliper has an IP78 rating, compared to Qfun, which has IP54.

Mahr, therefore, has better tolerance of moisture and dust, while Qfun is relatively moderate tolerant.


Lastly, the cost aspect is always a factor that everyone will consider when shopping for anything. When it comes to digital calipers, the price should always be parallel to the features it offers. Mahr costs $113.76, while Qfun digital caliper goes for $34.96.


There’s quite a huge difference when you look at the price alone. But considering the many excellent features that Qfun offers, it’s a perfect choice to consider. From this comparison, it appears that Mahr is highly-priced for its IP rating only, which seems to be better than Qfun. As such, it would be a good choice if working in predominantly dusty and wet surroundings. Otherwise, Qfun is the ultimate choice.  

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