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When it comes to digital calipers, there are a number of questions that are asked frequently and they include:

  • What is a digital caliper used for?

Actually, a digital caliper is an instrument that is utilized for taking accurate measurements. In fact, it is quite a simple tool with efficient use. It has a digital display and most of the digital calipers are capable of measuring up to 0.0005 inches. In the caliper technology, measurements can be read clearly from the display.

A digital caliper is used for taking measurements regarding the diameter and depth of a specific object. Typically, it is powered by some batteries and they need to be inserted into the caliper before it can be used.

  • Are digital calipers the most accurate?

It is important to note that digital calipers are capable of taking highly accurate and precise measurements of the depth, outside diameter, and inside diameter of an object. In addition to it, digital calipers are capable of automatically converting metric and standard measurement systems.

  • What sizes do digital calipers come in?

There are a number of sizes in which digital calipers tend to come. However, some common sizes for digital calipers include 24 inches, 12 inches, and 6 inches in length. It refers to the distance that can be specifically measured by the calipers.

While these are some common sizes for digital calipers, there are also some specific companies that provide clients and customers with custom calipers according to their needs and requirements.

  • When would you use a digital caliper?

Digital calipers are used when there is a need to measure the thickness of a board, checking the diameter of a pipe, or need to set cutting depths. In all of these tasks, it should be noted that digital calipers tend to offer accuracy that is not really offered by other calipers.

For instance, regular metal calipers are quite difficult to read. In addition to it, they are quite inaccurate. In contrast, dial calipers are costly. Therefore, in such a situation, the best option is to consider and use a digital caliper.

A digital caliper is not only cheaper but it also guarantees the accuracy that is not really offered by other calipers.

What are the two types of calipers?

When it comes to calipers, there are two main types of calipers including vernier and digital. However, in broad terms, another type is included and it is dial caliper. It is worth noting that all of the calipers have different techniques and methods for acquiring precise measurements. It can be quite tricky to read measurements on a vernier caliper. It is one of the key reasons why people often consider the use of a digital caliper.

How do you zero a digital caliper?

First of all, the inside jaws are utilized for measuring the internal diameter of an object. Moving, the on or zero button is pressed for zeroing the calipers. It is quite a simple process. Finally, the external jaws are utilized for measuring the external dimensions of the object.

Which is a better dial or digital calipers?

A digital caliper is recognized as a better option than a dial caliper. Actually, a digital caliper has a better and higher resolution than dial and vernier calipers. Therefore, most people make use of digital calipers instead of relying on dial calipers.

Are digital calipers more accurate than dial?

In comparison with a dial caliper, a digital caliper is definitely more accurate due to its higher accuracy rate. In addition, it offers a better resolution.

Qfun Electronic Micrometre

If you are really looking for a precise and durable digital caliper, you should consider the Qfun Electronic Micrometre. It has a waterproof body with a high accuracy range. For instance, its measuring range is 6 inches and it offers 0.001 inch/0.02 mm of accuracy.

It provides you with a unique feature of converting between millimeters, inches, and fractions. It can be turned on and off automatically without experiencing any difficulties. Furthermore, it comes with protection against water and dust which makes it one of the best options among digital calipers. It also allows the caliper to be used in different applications.


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