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If you are one of those people who use to sew occasionally or beginners in using sewing machines, portable sewing machines are the best choice for you to buy one. Unlike a full-sized regular or traditional sewing machine, portable sewing machines are simple, cheap, and easy to use. Because of being lightweight, portable sewing machines are more convenient to handle or to carry to another location. A portable sewing machine can perform almost all basic functions efficiently, so why not invest less money, when you don’t need a full-fledge sewing machine.

Portable machines are different in price, styles, and functions, now it is up to your budget, and need to select one to buy for you. Here you go with the guidelines of some simple steps about how to choose a portable sewing machine.

  • Check Reviews: First of all, you have to decide, whether you are going to buy a portable machine from a physical store or from an online store. It is better to choose online shopping because in that case, nobody can forcibly make up their mind to buy a particular product. At an online store, you can consume time to read different features, functions, prices, and reviews of other buyers about your selected item. Reviews and ratings on different available options will help you to inform you about the pros and cons, and multiple suggestions before investing your money.
  • Read Features carefully: To choose a portable sewing machine you should check different features of different products, for example, there are portable machines which are battery-operated, some machines offer an extension table with them, some machines are available with sewing feet, etc. By reading out plenty of features of so many machines, you can assess your need and it will be easy to make up your mind for a particular machine.
  • Keep in mind your budget: When you are going to purchase a portable sewing machine, you will definitely have a specific amount in hand for buying as a budget. So choosing a machine for beginner is definitely 50% depends on your budget. If you are going to use the portable machine just for some basic stitches in routine life, a simple machine with basic functions and less price would be perfect, but when you wish to use the portable machine to learn sewing, for crafting, or to use for some bigger projects, you will have to choose a multifunctional portable machine for a bit more money. In an online store, it is easy to select an affordable machine from multiple options available.
  • Check different functions: A range of portable sewing machines is available in the market with different types of functions. Before finalizing have a look at the functions, For example, how many stitches it will perform, which material can it handle or is it simple to operate or not, etc. it also depends on your need and usage frequency that what type of functions you need to be there in your portable sewing machine.
  • User guide: Before selecting a particular item, especially if you are a beginner, it is better to select a portable sewing machine with a complete user guide, whether in the form of a booklet, manuals, or brochures, and if it is an online purchase, the company may offer you guidelines through a small video clip or images. The instructions on the manual must be simple and easy to practice.


Choosing a portable sewing machine, from so many options available in the market is not a big deal anymore. Follow the above given simple steps and you will surely get to buy a machine you actually needed. To reach your ultimate choice, you have to be clear in mind about fulfilling your need, while remaining within the budget. If you have a handsome amount to invest, go for a portable machine that offers more functions including some small aligned units, i.e. extension table or foot pedal, etc. Similarly, with a small amount of money you can buy the simplest portable machine with limited functions, which still can be useful for your smaller day to day tasks like stitching or repairing a torn piece of cloth, kids’ crafts, etc.

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