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Take Qfun digital caliper measuring tool for example,this handy digital caliper tool measures in both inches and millimeters to use the caliper turn it on by pressing the ON/OFF button or just slide it open, the ZERO button resets the caliper to zero. Slide the caliper open to measure an article, you can toggle between millimeters and inches by pressing the mm/inch button, the measurement can be reset to zero at any point to find the difference between sizes. This digital caliper is widely used in measuring gemstones, wire metal thickness and even insider diameters on items up to 150 millimeters or 6 inches with digital accuracy.

digital caliper

, one digital caliper can take measurements in fours ways using the outside jaws,inside jaws,depth probe and using the step. This is a digital calipers by far the easiest to use and read, like most of electronic gadgets, this caliper measuring tool does requires electronic upkeep being battery replacement just like any other precision measuring instrument this should never be dropped always kept clean checked periodically to ensure its accuracy.

The digital caliper tool has a fine adjustment thumb wheel to achieve accuracy when setting up or adjusting the feel or drag when measuring an object then the thumb grip for quick or large adjustments a thumb screw lock to hold the caliper measurement in place the digital readout which shows the current measurement both an imperial and metric readings.

First is the outside jaws which is used to measure the outside diameter a length width or thickness of an object. Next is the inside jaws used to measure the inside width of a slot groove or hole or the inside diameter of a bore the depth probe or rod used to measure a groove slot step or hole the beam or sometimes referred to as the bar is the frame of the caliper that is stationary and houses the depth probe a measuring scale used to determine the measurement in this case only really used as a visual reference as the digital display provides the full reading, pls always ensure the surfaces you are measuring is clean of any surface imperfections and dirt make sure the measuring points on the caliper also clean as this can affect accuracy of the readings close the jaws in zero the digital display by by pressing the button of the caliper measuring tool close to the digital display, and the caliper will provide accuracy up to 0.0005.

Next using the step measurement first make sure it is zeroed you may need to adjust the venier caliper’s jaws slightly to help the measurement surfaces rest on the edge, then push the caliper into place and the lock the final measurement if needed. This time i use the depth probe this time to measure the depth of the threaded hole extend the probe long enough so it is able to bottom out. Sometimes this may be limited as the probe may sometimes be too large to fit in a small hole. Finally using the inside jaws of the digital caliper ensures the measuring surfaces are clean on both the part and the caliper insert the jaws this time around i am using the slot there should be mild drag on the object this does take some practice to get used to the feel.

When using this caliper measuring tool we can easily switch between measuring systems imperial to metric or metric to imperial with the press of a button, so no calculations or conversions are required while a digital caliper does make taking measure.

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