An antistatic mat is essentially something that has been designed to protect electronic components from damage caused by electrostatic discharge (ESD). This includes anything from a small connecting element to a memory card to something as big as a computer. A good antistatic mat will ensure that the ESD is kept to a minimum. You can be overwhelmed by the variety of antistatic mats available when shopping for electronic components. What is the best mat? 

Don’t worry because you’re at the right place. This article aims to guide you through the HPFIX antistatic mat review. It will show you every feature of the best antistatic mat so you can make a very well-informed decision. 

HPFIX Anti-static Mat Review 2022



We want to introduce this high-quality antistatic mat specially designed for electronic assembly and repair of household electronic items. You can use the Hpfix antistatic mat for any electronic items, including cellphones, computers, tablets, laptops, iPods, microcontrollers, etc., particularly for static sensitive electronic products.

This antistatic mat can greatly reduce the risk of static damage to your sensitive electronic products. The antistatic mat is particularly useful for static sensitive electronic products, and it can protect them from damage by static electricity. The surface resistivity is between 10 ^ 6 and 10 ^ 8 ohms.


Make your repair work more efficient by preventing items from getting lost. You can install and replace it yourself, which is convenient and economical. That’s for sure a good idea.

With a high-temperature resistance of 932°F, the HPFIX antistatic mat will protect your deck from burning and destruction. The material is more heat resistant than rubber mats at high temperatures. The mat has a huge size of 15.9″ x 12″ so you can use it for repairing mobile phones, computer circuit boards, iPad, cameras so on. You can use it in a repair shop, handyman workshop, or electronics workshop. 

Easy to operate 


As the mat has 37 slots and a built-in scale ruler, your small disassembled components can be easily organized and can easily be found. You do not have to worry about losing small screws or capacitors during the repair process. During the repair process, you will be able to improve your work efficiency and keep your maintenance platform clean and tidy. Furthermore, the soft silicone mat also protects the backside of your electronics and the surface of the circuit board from being scratched. 



The product contains a combination of accessories kits as gifts. It Includes a grounding Plug, Grounding Cord, and ESD wristband. With these accessories, It will be very convenient for you to connect the HPFIX antistatic mat to the ground and effectively protect your electronics devices.

Lifetime Warranty With money Back Guarantee

The antistatic mat replacement kit manufacturers are very confident about their products. This way, the product comes with a lifetime warranty. You can easily disassemble or solder any electronics you need, making it easier to remove and install electronic equipment. This product comes with a 180-day refund and lifetime warranty. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.


  • You can easily fix your household electronic items using the HPFIX antistatic mat. 
  • Help to repair almost everything broken, damaged, cracked components of your electronic item without losing any parts.
  • With this tool, you can save a lot of money. 
  • You can easily carry the HPFIX antistatic mat and perform repair work anytime.
  •  After buying the product, you can take back your money, which is another best fact about the product if you face any issue.  


  • It is a little tricky to keep it clean.

Why Should You Choose This HPFIX antistatic mat?  

Repairing household electronics is quite common among us. AIn order to do your repair work successfully and save the items for a static change, it can play an avital role; the anti-static mat can play a vital tool. The antistatic mat provides great surface resistance. With this large-sized mat, you can perform any electronic repair work smoothly. The HPFIX antistatic mat is resistant to high temperatures protecting your deck from burning and destruction. With the mat’s 37 slots and a scale ruler, you can organize small disassembled components and easily locate them. In the repair process, you won’t lose small screws or capacitors.

Additionally, this antistatic mat makes a great holiday or birthday gift. Moreover, the anti-static mat comes with a lifetime and money-back guarantee. All these make the Hpfix antistatic mat a must-have product in your house. 


Why should we use antistatic tools when working with PCS?

PC components come in antistatic bags to prevent them from getting zapped during transport or handling. There will be no visible damage if you zap a feature. There is a risk that the static electricity will cause an overload or short circuit that can permanently damage components.

How can you choose the right antistatic mat?

An excellent antistatic mat can ensure that the ESD levels are brought as low as possible. Those who repair electronics should include an antistatic mat in their electronic and computer repair kit. Some antistatic mats are heat-resistant, making them ideal for tasks that require a lot of heat, such as soldering. It is also important that your mat prevents fires from starting. 

What is the function of an antistatic wrist strap?

Operators working with ESD-sensitive components are safely grounded by wearing antistatic wrist straps. Wearing Antistat’s wristbands close to the skin establishes a path to the ground.

Final Words 

Assembling and repairing electronic items is always tricky since you can damage the small and sensitive parts. Furthermore, the sensitive electronic items have the static electric issue when repaired. Then, antistatic mats can be a great solution for your repair work. This HPFIX antistatic mat review may be helpful to you if you’re looking for a portable and high-quality antistatic mat for computer and electronic repair. 


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