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Anyone with even little knowledge about construction and structures can understand the importance of I beams. They are crucial for the support and integrity of the structure. A structure whether huge or small requires strong support. This support helps it in staying in the position while withstanding stress and gravity. In such a case, the I-Beam comes as the best option. It is also known as an H-beam. The main function of the I-beam is to offer a connecting jointer point where we can distribute the stress. It is also a tool for measuring angles or drawing measuring marks.

The creation of columns also involves the use of an I-beam. The structure of the I-beam composes two horizontal edges. These edges are called flanges of the I-beam. Then these flanges are further joined by a web. The composition of the I-beam can be of metal, alloy, or aluminum. If you are a builder looking for an efficient I-beam then it can be a troublesome task. There are so many options available in the market. But only a few of them fulfills what they promise. But worry not because we have found just the right product for you. Today, we will review the IRWIN level I-beam.

After our research and use, we found IRWIN level I-beam on the web. We tried and below is our honest review. We will talk about its functions, advantages, highlights, etc. to give you a proper idea about it.


An I-beam can find various applications in construction. However, mainly it is for balancing and supporting. We can sum up the main functions of an I-beam as;

  • It offers support to the construction bodies. The large structures involve I-beam in the middle positioning to garner support.
  • I-beam helps in maintaining the integrity of a structure. An I-beam helps the structure to equally distribute the stress and pressure.
  • It helps in measuring and marking.
  • It provides a reliable tool for managing angle measurement.

Features of IRWIN level I beam

IRWIN level I-beam is an efficient and well-structured tool that helps in building and constructing. The various features of IRWIN level I-beam are;

Strong built

The IRWIN-level I beam is composed of aluminum. The built of the beam is strong and sturdy. Aluminum material makes the beam lightweight and easy to use. The lined-up build helps in using the I-beam even in tough places.

Rotating angle vial

The angle vial of the IRWIN level I-beam comes in a rotating form. This helps in managing the leveling process from different perspectives. The rotating angle vial makes the process of leveling and measuring easier.

Strip Magnet

The I-beam comes with a V-grooved strip magnet. It is a full-length magnet with a long marking built. The strip magnet helps in attaching the I-beam to any metal surface for easy working. It also helps in stabilizing the I-beam so that you can easily measure or mark.

Accuracy up to .058 degree

The I-beam offers great accuracy and precision. Any I-beam must provide high accuracy. The IRWIN I-beam comes with up to .058 degree of accuracy that too for life. The detailed accuracy point helps in better results.

Smooth edge

A smooth edge is required for marking and measuring. A smooth edge makes sure that you can easily draw the markings without breaking them. The I-beam features a smooth surface so that you can easily mark the surfaces or measure the angles.

Advantages of IRWIN I-beam

The IRWIN I beam comes with various advantages which makes it a great option for you. The string built makes it long-lasting while the material makes it lightweight and easy to use. The rotating vial helps in measurement from different hand grips. It also offers

  • Appropriate thickness to reduce deflection
  • Stiffness to minimize vibrations while working
  • Minimum buckling due to flanges
  • Ideal web thickness for managing tension


IRWIN I-beam provides integrated support to the construction work. It comes with high accuracy to offer you précised results. The strong-built and smooth edge makes it easier to use. Rotating vial helps in making different angles with ease. The overall structure of the beam is built to undergo stress while providing structural support.

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