A pry bar, also known as an opening tool, is a handy tool for opening electronic devices; using the flattened, angled end of these tools, you can exert quite a bit of force between objects. It is quite a useful tool for DIYers as well as professionals. It can help you open any electronic device quickly and easily.

There are so many pry tools available in the market. To solve these issues, you need a reliable tool that can help you out. JAKEMY Spudger’s opening pry tool is quite different from the others because of its quality. Check out the JAKEMY Spudger opening pry tool set review to know more about this excellent tool. The tool will fasten your repair work.

JAKEMY Spudger Opening Pry Tool:  Features 


The JAKEMY spudger tool kit can be used to open mobile phones, tablets, game consoles, MP4, and other electronics. It can also peel off some adhesive labels and nameplates, etc. The JAKEMY Spudger is a great product that works well with seamless covers. 

Modern Design


This device is suitable for any electronic device because of its thickness and modern design. JAKEMY Spudger tools are durable and stable after high-pressure injection molding. A thin tilt angle makes it easy to introduce cracks into the shell. The ergonomic design makes holding it more comfortable. The edges are polished to a smooth finish, meaning your phone will not be damaged. It is excellent for prying/opening purposes. This pry tool has a professional design that allows you to accomplish maximum repairs. The handle is comfortable to hold, and it spins smoothly.  

Safe to use

This JAKEMY pry toolset will find high-quality anti-static materials that protect sensitive electronics from being harmed by static electricity discharges from your body. It is small enough for you to carry it with you easily. When the two ends of the metal blade are covered, it prevents the metal blade from scratching other tools when it is put together.


The JAKEMY pry spudger is made from a high-quality memory material that is very hard and durable. It is a lightweight product to move your hand while performing fixing tasks easily. Portable, flexible scraper with lightweight and compact design. A professional tool for replacing Batteries, Touchscreens, LCDs, Covers, and Spare Parts. It is ideal for replacing curvy screens.


The manufacturer ensures that the customer is fully satisfied. This is because they provide a year’s warranty on the product. If you are not satisfied with the toolkit, you can also ask for a refund.


  • With an opening pry tool, you can easily open any type of electronic device.
  • The JAKEMY pry tool ensures a secure repair and is easy to use
  • Professionals, as well as beginners, can use the tool.
  • The toolkit is made from high-quality material using modern design
  • The product offers a money-back guarantee
  • It is compatible with any type of electronic device. 


  • Beginners should be careful while using it.

Why Should You Choose the JAKEMY Spudger Opening Pry Tool?

A broken screen or other issues are likely to occur while using electronic devices. You can easily fix the issue with this tool. It will help you open any electronic device, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

This JAKEMY pry tool lets you solve one of the annoying problems you face on a daily basis while fixing your smart devices. On top of that, you can carry it around when you travel. The JAKEMY pry spudger is made of a high-quality memory material that is extremely tough. The weight of the tool is 1.5 oz. This is a portable and flexible scraper that is lightweight and compact in design. A professional tool for replacing batteries, touch screens, LCDs, covers, spare parts, etc. In addition, the ultra-thin tilt angle makes it easy for you to insert tiny cracks into the shell. Thanks to the ergonomic design, it is easier for you to hold on to it.

Furthermore, the tool makes it possible for you to resolve a problem that may arise. Additionally, you can get money back if you are not satisfied with this product. The kit includes a safe for your device. The modern design and handly style help you to perform any repair work. It will help you to open any device easily. 


What is a spudger tool?

A spudger is a tool that has a wide, flat-headed screwdriver-like end that acts as a wedge to use when separating pressure-fit plastic components without causing damage during separation. It helps you open any electronic device easily and perform repair work without hassle. 

What can I use if I don’t have a pry tool?

It is best to use a perfect pry tool to open your electronic devices. There are some good substitutes for a spudger, such as a flat head screwdriver, a credit card, chopsticks, a pen, pencil, or even a butter knife. But it is better to use the pry tool because the substitutes can herm your device.

What tool do I need to Fix my mobile phone?

Using the mobile phone repair toolkit, you can repair your mobile phone’s screen. To repair your screen, you will need a mini screwdriver, pry, plastic tweezers, etc. The repair kit will help you to do the job successfully. You can also watch online videos to learn how to fix your phone screen. 

Final Thoughts

Hope our JAKEMY spudger screen opening tool review will help know the use of the tool. The tool is very helpful for opening any electronic device. You can perform your smart device repair work using the device without any damage. For beginners as well as professionals, this tool is quite helpful.


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