Are you having trouble finding a good headphone plug extraction and removal tool? It is common for us to face issues while using headphones. It is pretty common for headphone jacks or plugs to wear out after a long usage time.

This is why we have put together a comprehensive list of headphone plug extraction and removal tools available in the market today. To solve these issues, you need a reliable tool that can help you out. 

The JUYEER headphone extraction and removal tool has effectively solved headphone problems. It can fix the headphone jack from your laptop to your smartphone. Check out our Juyeer headphone plug extraction tool set review to know more about this superb tool. 

JUYEER Headphone Plug Extraction and Jack Remover kit Set Review: Does it hold up to its claims


With the JUYEER headphone plug extraction tool, it’s easy to remove broken 3.5mm headphone plugs from jacks. You can use it with all devices that have 3.5mm jacks. The most amazing fact is that the tool is multifunctional. You can use it for different headphones, including phones, laptops, and other devices. 

Easy to use


With this headphone jack remover set, you can achieve maximum repairs thanks to its professional design. The headphone jack remover set is made from high stainless steel. You can comfortably hold it, and it spins smoothly. 

You need to Insert the steel tube between the broken plug and the headphone jack. This may require a little tapping. Ensure that the steel tube is about the same length as the headphone jack. It is normally 0.55 inches. Using your fingers or pliers, pinch the steel tube if necessary. With broken plug enclosed, pull to remove. Almost headphone jack remover can be repaired with these tools. You can solve your problem within 20 seconds.


The headphone jack remover kits are made from good quality material, which provides extremely good performance. If you purchase one, you will be able to use one time to solve the issue. 


This tool is considered to be a single-use tool. But if you can’t solve your problem with this tool, you can take a picture and send it. And then you can get a full refund without a return.


  • With The JUYEER headphone plug extraction toolset, you can instantly take out the broken plug of your headphone.
  • The toolset includes all necessary headphone jack remover repair tools in an easy-to-use format. 
  • You will be able to save money without going for a professional technician.
  • A high-end plastic case is included with this bit set that stores all the tools.
  • The Toolkit is made from high-quality material. 
  • The product offers a long money-back guarantee


  • Inserting too far may damage the device.

Why Should You Choose JUYEER Headphone Plug Extraction Toolset Essential kit set?

The JUYEER headphone plug extraction toolset is an indispensable piece of equipment for any headphone user. It is easy that you can face a broken headphone jack anytime. With the JUYEER headphone plug extraction toolset, you can easily solve the problem.  

This tool kit is reasonably priced, and you can use it to solve one of the irritating issues that we face in our day-to-day life using headphones. Besides, you can easily carry it wherever you go when traveling. In addition, they allow you to fix the headphone jack problem anytime.  Depending on the style of breakage of the headphone plug in the device, the tool is helpful for most cases. However, in some cases, headphone extraction cannot be solved without disassembling the device.

Additionally, the product comes with a payback guarantee. Replacements are available at any time after purchase. These features make the headphone plug extraction toolset a must-have electronic tool.


How to use the headphone jack remover tool? 

Try to shake off any loose pieces from the broken headphone plug that may fall off the jack. Through the headphone jack hole, insert the pointed end of the tube by hand. It may be necessary to tap it in lightly and slowly if pushing by hand does not work.  

You can pull out the damaged headphone plug if it seems as if the extraction tool is grasping the damaged plug by tightening the end of the tube with your hands or pliers. If it doesn’t come out all the way, use the headphone jack remover. Use the same method again. 

How do you get a headphone jack out of a laptop?

To reattach the broken part, it is often necessary to dab a small amount of strong glue on a toothpick or the remaining portion of the headphone plug long enough for it to be pulled out. There is always the possibility of gluing up the inside of the port with this sort of thing, so beware. You can also use a headphone extraction kit to help you do the job easily. 

How do you get the metal out of a headphone jack?

A paperclip can be unwound by bending it out by about 90 degrees. Hold the other end of the paperclip with something heat-resistant. Insert it straight down the middle of the socket. After pushing firmly for a few minutes, the earphone jack should come out.

What is The Importance of a Headphone Plug Extraction Tool?

Headphone Plug Extraction Tool are essential tools for installing and removing the broken headphone jack and tightening or fixing them. A Headphone Plug extraction tool can assist you in repairing the headphone jack.

Final Thoughts

The JUYEER headphone jack remover toolkit doesn’t need much more explanation. You know everything about the product from our JUYEER headphone jack remover kit set review. We hope you’ll be able to solve one of the most common problems that we face using the tool. 


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