There comes a time in your life when you will need to fix your computer, your cellphone, your laptop, your TV, or any electronic device. Would you believe me if I tell you that for all that you do not have to use countless screwdrivers, pliers, or any kind of tools? Well… I recently found out about this Professional Electronics Repair Toolkit or PERT for short if you want to call it that way and to my surprise, my mind is blown.


Let’s talk about features. This electronics repair toolkit has 119 different screwdriver bits solid and flexible shaft, quarter-inch adapter, complete pry tools set, ESD tweezer, and so on. I found it very easy to disassemble any electronic devices, such as repairing my computer and laptop. I think this kit is very professionally and creatively designed or to put it in better words, redesigned, to provide you the tools you need and to remove the ones you don’t. This Professional Electronics Repair Toolkit is very compatible and you can use the dedicated screwdrivers on your computer, laptop, iPhone, console, smartwatch, etc.


When we talk about a toolkit, we want it to have every single kind of screw, premium steel quality, and very customizable which this toolkit gives us. From my experience, all bits are made of high-quality CR-V steel whose hardness, to my surprise, can reach up to HRC62° which is harder and more durable than any ordinary steel. When I read more about this toolkit, I found out that it is made following German standards and following rigorous quality control testing.

The handle is built from aluminum alloy with a built-in magnet. It doesn’t need to rely on the rotating buckle to fasten the bit, and there is no damage between the handle and the bit. Also, the hat has a built-in bearing, smooth rotation. All of this leads to giving you the best experience using this toolkit.


Let me start from the good side. The whole idea for this toolkit to combine all the needed elements and put them in one place is genius, from the case, the driver and all the accessories are great, even genius. If you want to stay organized I highly recommend getting this kind of toolkit, as a matter of fact, I recommend getting this Professional Electronics Repair Toolkit. I found it very easy to work around my home and even carrying the toolkit in my bag wasn’t a problem.

As for the ‘bad’ stuff, which isn’t many, you can live with them but they might be quite frustrating. The magnets on the case when some time passes weaken and it doesn’t really close well enough. I hope they read this post so they can fix their little problem which was found by multiple users even some friends of mine.

Otherwise, to put it in the shortest way possible, it’s a very good toolkit.


The creator of this Professional Electronics Repair Toolkit is KAISI who is a manufacturer dedicated to the integration of electronic repair tools and solder tools. They produce various large repair equipment and micro repair tools. All of their tools are quality-tested, providing every buyer with the highest quality tools.

If you are tired of constantly changing your screwdrivers, breaking them, losing them, then this repair toolkit is for you. All the screws are easily replaceable and changeable. The whole toolkit is very neatly organized and at a very affordable price. The toolkit is easily usable, valuable, has high quality, sturdy and durable, is a solution for most watch repair requirements. It all leads to you getting one immediately.


All things considered, this Professional Electronics Repair Toolkit from KAISI is a very efficient and supplied toolkit that covers all your needs. It is easily usable and very affordable. It is mostly good, without considering the slight magnet malfunction, but if I, a professional with quite the experience in fixing electronics, had no problem with it, you won’t also. I suggest you buy this toolkit and I wish you numerous electronics fixed.


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