Often, headphones’ jacks or plugs wear out after a long period of use. It is common to encounter problems when using headphones. It is a problem that every person faces after using ahead for a certain period. If you have a headphone jack stack in your smartphone or tablet, you can do this. Using a headphone jack removal tool is the only way to fix this issue. 

Can you tell us which tool is the best for removing headphone plugs? Don’t worry, and this isn’t easy to select. Because there are many options available in the market, to solve these issues, you need a reliable tool that can help you out. Check out the Koara headphone plug extraction tool set review to know more about this superb tool. It has been proven to be very effective in removing headphone problems. 

Koara Headphone Jack Removal Tool Review: What it can do for you?


Using this tool, it is easy to remove broken 3.5mm headphone plugs from jacks. This Koara headphone extraction tool kit includes two short and two long laser-cut mini stainless steel pipes. They have a variety of thicknesses, slits, and cutting angles, making them suitable for fixing various problems. Suitable for all mobile phones, tablet computers, and laptops with 3.5mm headphone jacks.

Quickly Functional 


Within 30 seconds, you can remove the broken headphone plug with this Koara headphone jack extraction tool. You can save three hours round trip by using this tool instead of visiting a professional repair shop. Using the tool at home, you can save at least 20 bucks and, in some cases, even more. The professional design of this headphone jack remover set allows you to complete maximum repairs. You can comfortably hold it, and it spins smoothly. 

Easy To Use

The toolkit contains both short and long laser-cutting mini stainless steel pipes to make your work easy. Use the short one first and Insert it into the headphone jackhole. Press the tube against the table while the phone or tablet is upright. To prevent scars on the table, you should place a book underneath. Pull the extraction tool gently downward until you feel it grab the broken plug. Then, tighten the tube’s end and pull it out using your hands or pliers. Proceed with the long pipe if you cannot remove the broken plug with the short one. Repeat the process. 


Good quality material is used in the Koara headphone jack removal kits, providing exceptional performance. Upon purchasing one, you can use it once to resolve the issue. 


The Koara headphone jack removal tool is considered a single-use tool. But if you can’t solve your problem with this tool, you can take a picture and send it. And then you can get a full refund without a return.

Other Accessories

The Koara headphone remover and extension kit also come with a 3 in 1 mini screwdriver. It is a small gift from the company to support small businesses. The toolset contains a 1.7 mm Flathead mini and a 2.5 mm bolt remover. You can disassemble watches, glasses, and other electronic devices with it.


  • Using the headphone plug removal toolset, you can instantly remove broken plugs from your headphones.
  • The toolset includes two short and two long laser cutting pipelines to make your work easy.
  • Without a professional technician, you can save money.
  • The toolkit is made from high-quality material to save your device.
  • The product offers a long money-back guarantee.
  • The tool offers a screwdriver and bolt remover.


  • Inserting too far may damage the device.

Why Should You Choose the Koara headphones Plug Extraction Tool Set Essential Kit set?

Every headphone user should have a headphone plug extraction tool set on hand. There is a high chance that you will face a broken headphone jack at any time. This Koara toolset will help you repair the problem easily.  

With this Koara tool kit, you can fix one of the annoying issues you encounter in your day-to-day life when using headphones. In addition, it is easy to carry when traveling. Furthermore, they allow resolving the headphone jack issue at any time. There is also a money-back guarantee on this product. The kit includes both a short and a long tool. They are made of stainless steel tubes with different thicknesses, slits, and cutting angles. Suitable for all mobile phones, pads, and computers with 3.5mm headphone jacks. You can get a replacement at any time after purchase. The headphone plug removal tool comes with a screwdriver tool. 


Why Do You Need a Koara Headphone Jack Extension Tool? 

Installing, removing, and tightening or fixing broken headphones requires Headphone Plug Extraction Tools. You can repair the headphone jack by using a Headphone Plug extraction tool.

What is the best way to use the headphone jack removal tool? 

If you shake it, you may find pieces of the broken headphone plug falling off the jack. 

You can pull out the damaged headphone plug if it seems as if the extraction tool is grasping the damaged plug by tightening the end of the tube with your hands or pliers. Use the headphone jack remover if it won’t come out all the way. Repeat the process. You should start with the short pipe if your tool kit includes both short and long pipes. 

Can a 3.5 mm jack be repaired through a headphone jack extension tool?

No, you can not repair your headphone jack using headphone extension tools. Using this 3.5mm 4 pole connector cable soldering tool, it is easy to repair your favorite headphones at home.

Final Thoughts

Hope our Koara headphone jack removal tool review will help eliminate one of the most common headphone-related issues. The head headphone, jack extension tool is very helpful depending on the style of breakage of the headphone plug in the device. Even after the broken piece is removed, the headphone jack may still be damaged since it was damaged when the plug was initially broken off.


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