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Learning how to sew might be a challenging task for you as a beginner. However, you should start your journey by picking one of the best sewing machines that can help you complete your stitching projects efficiently along with other essential equipment associated with the project. Dive into the article to explore what are a must-have sewing equipment items that you need before starting your first project.

  1. Sewing Machine

Since there are various sewing brands available in the market picking up the best one may be a hectic job for you. However, you must always opt for a sewing machine that has several useful and valuable features helping you fulfil your dream of becoming a tailor effectively. Qfun’s sewing machine is a way durable, sturdy and relatively budget-friendly as compared to other sewing brands available in the market.

  • A Pair of Fabric Scissors

Since cutting tool is a mandatory sewing equipment for beginners, therefore you need to have a fine pair of scissors that are dedicated solely to cutting fabric. Make sure that you keep them separate from all other scissors that you usually use for different purposes like cutting paper because if you use them for multiple purposes they become dull instantly. Also, as a sewing beginner, you may try to keep a storage box with you in which you can store essential sewing items like scissors.

  • Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is also one of the chief items for all users since sewing involves measuring fabrics and every little detail about design and size. It is considered as an essential item to ensure the accurate measurement of the sewing materials. To make sure the success of the sewing project measuring tape is necessary – however, if you find measuring tape expensive, you may purchase a regular or a retractable one as they are relatively cheaper.

  • Sewing Machine Needles

Another important item that you need to complete your sewing project is sewing machine needles. They come in different sizes, thus, you can decide to purchase according to the requirement of your project or fabric. Also, make sure that you keep an extra pack of needles with you as sometimes they break during sewing so you don’t have to rush to the store in the middle of the process.

  • A Rotary Cutter

A rotary cutter is another important sewing equipment enabling you to cut curves more effectively since it has a sharp rotating circular blade. With this helpful item, you can cut through multiple layers of material at once enabling you to proficiently cut out pieces of the same size and shape. These rotary cutters are available in both small to large sizes, you can choose accordingly and use them for multiple purposes.

  • Magnetic Pin Holder

Getting an ordinary pin cushion is also an available option for you but consider a pro tip – a magnetic pin holder is far effective to hold and store pins efficiently. Wondering how a magnetic pin holder is better than others? Because it helps you save your time and energy. Rather than finding lost pins around and wasting your time – use a magnet to find them and collect and store them in a magnetic pin holder all in one.

  • Washable Markers or Chalk

Measuring and cutting fabric is the very step of sewing clothes. To measure and cut fabric accurately and precisely you need to mark the fabric at some point and of course, you would not want to mark it with a permanent marker or a regular pen. So a pro tip is to invest in some sort of effective washable chalk or markers that don’t ruin your piece of fabric rather help you get a precise and accurate measurement.

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