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Want to get the caliper to measurement readings all precisely and accurately but don’t know which is the best one that can effectively meet your requirements?

Since numerous brands are available in the market that can help you with your measuring needs however there are some limitations as well when it comes to accurate and precise measurement. What are the pros and cons of the dial and digital calipers? This is a valuable query. However, don’t need to struggle it with anymore. The article provides a brief comparison between both Dial and Digital calipers, their uses, functions, features and applications to make you understand which one would be the option for you to go with.

Dial Caliper – Application and Functioning

Calipers are measuring tools used to measure the readings ensuring that the reading is all correct, precise and accurate. Calipers are used to record readings about several physical properties of objects including the length, height, and width as well as both inside and outside diameter of an object. The dial calipers are the most effective and versatile precision hand tools available in the market. It is one of the in-demand calipers utilized for various purposes. It can be used for both

household and industry purposes.

Pros of Dial Caliper

Dial calipers utilize a mechanical system consisting of a pinion and rack. There’s a gear-set inside the dial caliper which helps the dial to move in increments of one-thousandth of an inch. What makes the dial caliper most effective is its feature of “read the measurement from the rule and the fractional value from the dial. Another interesting feature about dial calipers is that they don’t need batteries which makes them more suitable. Although dial calipers are not waterproof, still they work well even if damp.

Mentioned are the pros of the Dial caliper:

Cons of Dial Caliper

  • Dial calipers are a bit of expensive than vernier caliper.
  • The pinion and rack can easily get broken if the caliper dumps, falls down, or crashes.
  • A magnetic field may interfere with the reading.
  • Reading might get impacted if a magnetic field interfere.
  • Dial calipers are only available in a single unit system either inch or mm.

Digital Caliper – Featuring Precise Measurement, Water-resistance, Thickened Stainless Steel Body along with Two Inch/Millimeter Conversion Metrics

The main aspects that any user looks for in a measuring tool are its ability to take measurements precisely, its measuring range, available options for unit conversions, the quality and the lifespan of the product. The digital caliper makes it possible for you to take accurate measurements no matter how many times you repeat the process. The digital because of its durability, multi-functioning and valuable features are recommended by many industry experts and professionals.

Pros of Digital Caliper

With its extremely accurate measurement, automatic on and off characteristic, extra-large LCD, water-resistance element, outstanding thickened stainless steel body along with two conversion metrics’ options available in both millimeter and inch; a digital caliper helps users in every way possible making them accomplish their tasks effectively.

Below mentioned are a few of the pros of digital caliper:

  • Digital calipers have a greater resolution than dial calipers. A digital caliper resolution is 0.0005″ and its accuracy is ±0.001″.
  • It is easy to use and simple to read and take measurements.
  • Enables fast reading and measurement.
  • The digital caliper offers an option of conversion button from mm to inch as well.
  • You can easily adjust it at Zero as well as change it anytime you wanted.
  • It can be used for several purposes in any industry as well as for household purposes.
  • It is ideal for those who have trouble with eyesight.
  • Additionally, if it’s IP rated, you can use it in any troubling o harsh environment.

Cons of Digital Caliper:

  • One of the most expensive measuring tools.
  • Sensitive to the water, oil, dirt, and magnetic field.
  • Need careful treatment.

Final Verdict

The type of caliper you should use entirely depends on the nature and the requirements of your project. Make sure that you analyze each factor, feature, application and available option before getting the one to better meet your project needs. However, we recommend you to buy a caliper measuring tool for precise measurements.

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