Do you want to buy an amazing portable projector for outdoors? Then what are waiting for? Get yourself this 7500-lumen mini projector that you can carry anywhere.

This portable projector is manufactured in strong hands. It was built by MStar advanced color engine. Also, it supports 1080P resolution for the best screening. LEDs give an immense +60% brightness than others. Moreover, the LED bulb has a 50,000 hours life for the perfect entertainment.

Multifunctional & Carrying Case

Projects must be user-friendly and multifunctioning. And this projector will help you to play video games with awesome enthusiasm. Also, you can share photos, videos, and different games.

Yeah, it seems like a smartphone, PS3, PS4, PS5, and Xbox ONE. as well as that, it comes with a carrying bag for easy handling and to store easily.


This projector has an amazing screen system with an HD effect. Nobody can watch the movie or anything on screen if it doesn’t have a real effect. But this one is the best HD projector with an awesome 100-inch projection.

Anpiu projector that fulfills your requirement is the best. Comparatively other projectors will definitely give you an amazing home theater setup without any hassle. Also, you can use it as a smartphone for sharing so many things.

For instance, photos, videos, slides, and games. Nonetheless, this projector has a marvelous foldable, portable, and anti-wrinkle 100-inch projection screen which is larger than others. And gives a perfect viewing angle and amazing picture details.

100% Satisfaction

Anpiu Projector has a Dolby sound effect that will give you satisfaction. Also, a built-in fan has a heat dissipation function and it reduces the noise fruitfully. Their team gives a 100% satisfying service with the best. They never let their customer down.


  • Clear viewing
  • Satisfying dealing
  • Portable and foldable
  • 100-inch projection
  • 50,000 hours life
  • Ideal image size
  • VGA, HDMI hardware
  • Remote control
  • External speaker


  • Lumens are less
  • Weaker speakers

What are common things to consider while buying?

Things to consider while buying the best projector are as follows:

  • The multifunction purpose will remove so much hassle. Because many projectors work like a smartphone. And projector can be used for photos, videos, and games too so why not take advantage of this technology.
  • Durability tells you the life of your projector. It’s hardware and LED should be something very authentic. Your investment must not be useless.
  • The screen system should have a 100-inch projection for the perfect screening. Picture and angle details must be clear.  
  • Lumens tell the light that the projector offered. There are many ways for companies to measure lumens. For instance, a projector that has 1800 lumens does not light up nicely. Whereas the lumen of 1500 is better than that. But not very bright! Also, if the projector turned out to be 2000 lumens and another one has 1000 then you can consider it as a safe brighter unit.
  • There are 3 types of chips present in the projector that provides light. DLP (digital light processing), LCD (liquid crystal display), and LCoS (liquid crystal on silicon). And they have different price ranges. DLP and LCDs are cheaper than LCos. Moreover, DLP gives better contrast than LCD. And units of DLPs have a rainbow effect. It doesn’t bother at all but for some people, its quality may cause trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We should consider some important things before investing in any things. Let’s dive into the most useful questions that will clear your doubts.

How Does the Projector Works?

A projector is a gadget that helps in a different kind of work. The projector basically projects an image on the screen. It creates a photo by projecting a light through a lens.

Some projects directly project images with the help of laser. Whereas pico projectors that are small in size but provide high-quality images.

Can projector replace TV?

yeah, it might do that but currently, a projector won’t do that an HDTV does. TV turners can replace your projector with a broadcast TV that doesn’t need a mirror or connection to HDTV.

Can you use a projector for everyday TV watching?

Yes, for sure. You can use the projector for everyday use. You will have a different watching experience. It sounds like you can have more fun than usual. It will never cause harm to a projector because it runs the bulb down fast than normal.

Final Words

Who doesn’t love to create an environment to watch movies and play games with family and friends? Now you can enjoy it with more eagerness. Get yourself a perfect projector.

Portable projectors are lifesavers because it makes your outing more memorable and perfect. Pick up the projector that gives you a real vibe and perfect screening.

And also work as a smartphone for multiple uses. You can get your hands on the best projector for your home. Happy shopping!

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