Qfun Canvas Snap Kit


Craftsman 150 PCS Canvas Snap Kit Tool, Metal Screws SnapsMarine Grade 3/8″ Socket Stainless Steel Boat Canvas Snaps with 2 PcsSetting Tool for Boat Cover Furniture (150 pcs) Screw snaps are the product of brass and are nickel plated for introduced durability. Use screw snaps to add, restore or replace damaged fasteners for canvas, tarpaulins, awnings,sailcloth, garden furnishings and pool covers. … Refills apply thru General Tools and Instruments


  • The snaps and sockets are brass and nickel-plated products for long-term durability. The screws are the product of stainless steel, have advanced rust resistance and outstanding oxidation resistance, which can make certain long term use and lengthen screws lifespan.
  • You will acquire 50 Sets Snap Button Fastener Kit, which incorporates 50 pcs socket and 50 pcs cap, 20 pcs 10 x 10 mm(0.39”x 0.39”) screws and 30 pcs 10 x 15 mm (0.39”x 0.59”) screws, with two pcs putting device saved in a prominent plastic box.
  • Studs are applying for clamping onto screw or canvas studs formounting on rigid surfaces. The heavy-obligation structure of the snaps guarantees a corporation grip to stay stable via years of use, rust resistance in salt water applications, to close lengthy.
  • those aren’t coverable. They are snaps like you will see on a boat cowl or patio furnishings.
  • This package of snap button screw-in studs with kits are strong, heavy and with excellent quality.
  • it has excellent anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance to prolong snaps lifespan.


 Very smooth to apply. No immoderate pressure had to collect the snaps. This product gave this undertaking an expert finished look. These snaps permit me to get rid of and place the duvet again with the minimum quantity of effort. We used them to put in a pleated and padded vinyl engine cover in my motorhome. The button cap has a free long tail in case you do not hit it tough sufficient with the device. As lengthy as you shot, it is arduous good. It is very tight.  Fit for each indoor or outdoor use. These aren’t heavy responsibilities and aren’t marine grades at all.


DIY crafts or making clothes, along with shirts, overalls, backpacks, footwear jackets, hats, jeans, belts, cotton-padded clothes, leather-based and so on. These Snap Button Screw-In studs are

used for canvas, tarpaulins, tents, awnings, sailcloth, garden furnishings, clothing, leather-based and pool covers.


 So we conclude that this product is easy to apply and easy to put in. Its price is just too low evaluate to the quality of the product. No immoderate pressure had to bring together the snaps. Did the format carefully so the images might snap on and off. Don’t overstretch the material, work with a natural fit.

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