Inquire from any DIY expert about the tools they rely on, and you’ll notice that everyone prefers what they use because of what it can do. When it comes to crimping tools, Qfun Wire Crimping Tool stands tall among most other brands.

A standard crimping tool does a pretty straightforward role; it “crimps” the connectors and terminals on electrical cables or joins two materials together into a single connection. With so many brands available in the market, finding one that does more than what it’s meant to do can be daunting.

In our search for a reliable crimping tool, Qfun was among the top-rated, so we decided to give it a try and see how it performs.

How Qfun Wire Terminals Crimping Tool Rates Against Functionality checklist

When evaluating the best crimping tools in the market, we match them against several essential features that every device should have. These include ease of use, quality of the material it’s built from, its multipurpose performance, feature set, and price.

Ease of use

Any best crimping tool should be convenient to use, regardless of how skilled the user is; Qfun excels at this comparison. Compared to other crimping devices, Qfun has ergonomic handles, offers excellent grip, and reduces fatigue and aching to your hands.

The handle encasing feels pleasant to hold, is grippy, and made of rubber. This feature is essential, especially when working for a long time to avoid developing blisters from repeated friction. Additionally, Qfun offers a good grip to allow the user to hold it securely, confidently, and efficiently complete the crimping work.

Qfun also makes it easier for new crimping tool users to get started with their crimping work by offering a user manual. Unlike most other brands we assessed, who didn’t have a manual or were poorly written and hard to follow, Qfun’s was simple, precise, and easy to follow.

Build Quality

You do want the best crimping tool to handle the toughest materials without warping or developing cracks and can stand lots of abuse and the test of time. Qfun Wire Terminals Crimping Tool is a high-end device forged from hardened steel coated with a moisture-resistant substance to protect it from corrosion and other elements.

The build quality is paramount and should form the basis for analyzing the best crimping tools. Qfun has proven time and again that it can withstand a lot of abuse it’s subjected to.

Jaw Opening

Any standard crimping tool should have a wide enough measurement between the jaws when fully opened to fit in wires and connectors. However, not many brands do this, and that’s where Qfun again scoops the points.

Qfun has wider jaw-opening measurements to allow both connectors and wires to fit in well to assure consistency. Achieving consistency is vital in preventing loss of connection, overheating, corrosion, and voltage drops.


Apart from the usual crimping of wires, we found that a crimping tool that can do more than its intended role is better. Qfun has a set of jaws designed to suit use when dealing with electrical works, furniture, welding, and many other industrial sectors.

Its jaws feature three crimper sizes to enable users to crimp various sizes of wires or pins tightly. The “step” on Qfun makes the alignment of every wire much easier and has a significant impact on crimp quality by ensuring everything is aligned correctly. You won’t ever have to deal with mispositioned cables anymore.

The ratchet terminal crimper is a high-performance type suited for crimping cable lugs of varying diameters, from as small as 0.5mm2 to as big as 6mm2.

The center bottom hole allows the crimping of 22 gauge wires. The inner bottom hole makes it easier to hold 18 gauge wires into position. Besides versatility, Qfun can also accommodate different connector types, including Molex IDE, JST, and AXT.


Every DIY enthusiast or professional craftsperson will consider the price of a tool before purchasing to ensure every dime paid is worth it. Qfun Wire Terminals Crimping Tool has a fairer price than other brands with similar features and quality.

At only $27.99, Qfun stands out as a quality and affordable crimping tool. Even though the price might be a little expensive, but the quality and performance of the device are worth every dollar spent on it. As we noted, other competing crimping tools traded at an average of $26.50, but we concluded that it’s worth paying a few cents more to get a quality and high-performing tool that can last.

Why Consider Qfun Wire Crimping Tool?

As we’ve seen, Qfun wire crimping tool offers more pros that best suit every DIY lover or craftsperson. We highly recommend getting it if you’re looking for something that can work with several types of wires. It’s the most versatile of the crimping tools assessed, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of wire and metal works.

We loved that it makes it easier to align the wires due to the “steps” in the jaws, a feature most of the other brands don’t have. Also, the excellent grip and the ergonomic handle turned out helpful in making tighter crimps.

Any Cons?

Applying a lot of force could slice up the wires, so put in your energy sparingly.


Despite Qfun Wire Terminals Crimping Tool proving to be versatile with most wire gauges and connectors tested, it’s essential to check its features against your specific needs.

Qfun is functional, affordable, versatile, and the best crimping tool you can ever need. Apart from the pricing, which is slightly higher, it’s worth paying every cent for this crimping tool.

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