When a mobile device screen breaks, you might think that you’ll have to visit a repair shop to fix it. However, a few do-it-yourself strategies can save you money and help you protect your device. It is becoming more and more expensive every year for electronic repairs. However, what if you could repair your gadgets in the comfort of your own home? That is what you can achieve with a good phone repair kit. 

For example, replacing the glass on the phone is relatively inexpensive and easy once you’ve learned how. Our Qerfasaly screen opening tool review will introduce you to one of the best screen repair tools for DIYers. Tablets are more involved due to their larger size and additional components. The Qerfasaly screen opening tool is also applicable for the tables. With this perfect screen opening tool, you can easily replace your mobile phone screen.

Qerfasaly Screen Opening Tool review


The Qerfasaly screen opening toolset is usable with many phones and tablets. This professional 2-in-1 opening tool kit is perfect for repairing mobile devices such as iPhones, iPods, iPods, and other smartphones. It is a great toolset to remove screens when you need to repair your phone.

Easy to use 

The Qerfasaly screen opening toolset is very easy to use. You can quickly perform the task and finish it smoothly. You can open and remove your phone’s screen using the strong PVC suction cup and Screen Opening Pliers without damaging your phone or tablet.

Put the cell phone on a fixed support, put a strong suction cup on the phone front and back, hold the tool handle, and with a little bit of force, it will easily separate the screen. Most mobile phones are waterproof and attached to the screen with glue. Before using the opening pliers, you must melt the adhesive with a hot air gun or hot air. There is a design patent for the double-headed crowbar tool. It fits all sizes of mobile phones and tablet screens.

High quality 

This Qerfasaly kit set features materials of excellent quality. A durable and long-lasting screen opening tool for home users and professionals. Due to its flexibility and resilience, the double-thin metal head reduces the risk of damaged electronic products. All the tools in the kit set are long-lasting because of their modern design. Because of their durability and strength, they are ideal for long-term use. 


  • Commonly used for repairing smartphones and tablets
  • Unique hinge design makes opening easier for you. 
  • Anti-slip features make it easier to use
  • High-tech processing that provides better protection to your products
  • The multi-angle swiveling PVC suction cups pivot to accommodate the varying thicknesses of devices.
  • Comfortable and ergonomically designed handle with slip-resistant textured grip.


  • It takes time for beginners to learn how to use the tool 

Why Should You Use the Qerfasaly Screen Opening Tool? 

You’ll need high-quality, durable tools that can help you to change the mobile screen. It is quite common for users to face broken screens of smartphones and tablets. It is the most versatile and durable screen repairing tool. The Qerfasaly repair kit has everything you need to repair your smartphone and tablet screen. Easily open and remove the LCD screen from your phone, or tablet without damaging it with the Multi-angle Adjustable PVC Strong suction cup. It is the most convenient way to open the screen.

It is a design patent that protects the double head crowbar tool. Moreover, it provides a strong grip when replacing a damaged screen. Besides, any mobile phone or tablet screen can be fixed using the device. You can instantly use the screen repair tool to change and improve your broken or damaged screen.  

Additionally, the Qerfasaly toolkit set is affordable and made with high-quality material. The effective screen repair tool makes carrying and changing the bit convenient in various situations. All these qualities make the tool a must-have kit in your home. 


What are suction cup pliers?

The suction cup pliers allow one-handed pushing on the cover with sufficient effort to produce a tiny space into which the spudger tool fits to begin the separating process. Place fixed support on the phone, slightly suction cup the phone front and back, and hold the tool handle. A little force will separate the screen.

Can the screen of the mobile be repaired?

To replace your broken phone screen, you have to take it to a cell phone repair shop, where a specialist will evaluate your phone and replace the shattered screen. Even if it’s difficult to repair your broken phone screen, a skilled professional can help you replace it flawlessly in hours. You can also use a screen opening tool and do it yourself at home. 

Do glass repair kits work on phone screens?

Yes, glass chip kits can be used to repair a cracked screen if the touch surface isn’t broken. If the touch part is cracked, you have to use a screen repair kit to change the screen. Besides, you can look for a professional for help. 

Final Words 

Broken or damaged screens are a typical problem that people experience daily. So, if you can, you may save a lot of money by repairing your smartphone or tablet screen using a screen repair kit. We hope that our Qerfasaly screen opening tool set review has provided sufficient information about the product. The screen opening tool kit set makes it simple to repair any smartphone or tablet screen.


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