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Imagine, making all of your leather crafts or clothes with snap fasteners instead of traditional old buttons. You may wonder, how will you insert the complex snap fasteners with your bare hands when you don’t even know how they are installed in the first place?

Well, in this article, you will find all that you need to about installing or inserting snap fasteners in your clothes or crafts. First thing first, get yourself a Qfun 120 Set Snap Fasteners Kit. Everything else comes afterwards.

What is a Qfun 120 Set Snap Fasteners Kit?

So glad you asked this question. A Qfun 120 Set Snap Fasteners Kit is an all-in-one solution to all your problems related to inserting snap fasteners in your clothes or leather crafts. Clothes with a certain level of thickness or leather crafts like purses, jackets, bracelets, etc. go well with snap fasteners. In fact, they are the top choice when it comes to making putting on your clothes more convenient. In comparison to traditional buttons, they are more stylish and easy to fasten or unfasten (open/close). Additionally, they last longer in comparison to buttons, since there is a high probability that a plastic button will break or chip at one point and metal buttons may come loose since the thread holding them will age fast in comparison to the buttons.

However, snap fasteners are a different story. All you need to do is properly install them once and you are done. They are going to last for as long as the object they are placed on (apparel, leather jacket, purse, bracelet, etc.). most times when they do come loose, it is either because:

  • They are not installed properly with the right equipment
  • The fabric they are installed on is too thin or too thick
  • The quality of snap fasteners or cloth they are installed on is sub-par

There can be a number of reasons for failed snap fasteners, but if you have a Qfun 120 Set Snap Fasteners Kit, you have nothing to fear. First off, the 120 snap fasteners included in the kit are of top quality, made of copper and zinc alloy with nickel-free plating. They will remain almost new for the entire duration of their use. The Qfun 120 Set Snap Fasteners Kit includes:

  • 30 Golden Snap Fasteners
  • 30 Silver Snap Fasteners
  • 30 Bronze Snap Fasteners
  • 30 Matte Black Snap Fasteners

The kit itself comes with a replacement warranty along with a readily available customer service where a representative will make sure to answer all your queries pertaining to the product until you are satisfied. Now, without further ado, let’s start with the process of installing or placing snap fasteners using a Qfun 120 Set Snap Fasteners Kit.

The Process:

Inside the kit, you will find:

  • One hammer
  • Four settler tools
  • 120 snap settlers

As for the use of the tools:

  • The first two elongate tools (as shown in the image) are for installing the snap settlers
  • The third one is for punching hole
  • The A-side of the base tool will be used with the third tool for punching holes in the leather/cloth and the B-side will allow for easy installation of the snap fasteners.
  • The special hammer will allow for hammering the snap fasteners shut without damaging the fasteners, tools, or the fabric in use.

Hopefully, you know the part of snap fasteners, but in case you don’t, this image might help:

And now, the process of installing the snap fasteners is explained in simple and easy to follow steps.

Step 1:

Place the base tool under the fabric A side up.

Step 2:

Use the punching tool to punch a hole in the fabric, gently strike the tool with the hammer to create a hole.

Step 3:

Now place the face buckle or cap through the hole as shown in the image above. Make sure that the nozzle-like part is through the cloth.

Step 4:

Now place the female or socket on top of the cap/face buckle and hammer it shut with the pointed tool. This will complete the installation of half of the snap fastener. Be sure to place the B surface of the base tool under the face buckle

Step 5:

To install the male part, punch another hole at the other end following the steps explained in the first step. Then, insert the long nail/close post through the hole.

Step 6:

Place the stud or male part on top of the long nail/close post and shut it close by hitting it with the hammer using the concave tool. You will again be using the surface B of the base tool to ensure safety and stability.

Disadvantages of Cheap Snap Fastener Kits:

Compared to other snap fastener kits available in the market, the Qfun snap fastener kit has a lot of perks to offer. Some of the common disadvantages of the cheap kits available in the market include:

  • The snaps fasteners are small in size, which is quite unpractical.
  • They are made of low-quality material that can easily be deformed.
  • The posts included in the kit are often too small to penetrate the fabric or leather you are using.
  • The buckle is also of low quality and may release even if little force is applied.
  • Many of these kits don’t have a hammer, which is an essential requirement of installing snap fasteners.
  • These kits don’t even include an instruction manual on how to use them, making them more useless than useful.

All in all, the Qfun snap fastener kit has none of the said shortcomings and you will find it to meet all your requirements, and more. 


And there you have it! This is how easy it is to install a snap fastener using a Qfun 120 Set Snap Fasteners Kit. It’s simple. Easy, and anyone can do it in a matter of minutes. So order your kit today and elevate the level of your crafts and apparel to leave th

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