Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly the most innovative gaming console of this generation. The Nintendo brand is known for taking risks and being innovative. However, there have been setbacks, like the Nintendo 64 controller. It’s easy to see that the switch falls into the latter category. 

Nintendo is the only company to produce a console and handheld gaming device for the same price. Aside from the screen, the remote controllers, charging base, and charging base are all very high quality. Therefore, it is all the more absurd that the switch’s built-in kickstand is so small. It’s notorious for breaking or falling off, so you’ll need to replace it. But you can solve this problem easily. Now take a look at our VTyzii kickstand review for the Nintendo Switch console. 

VTyzii Kick Stand Repair Kit Review



A kickstand kit is a versatile tool for your Nintendo Switch console. The VTyzii kickstand kit comes not only with a kickstand back shell. The package included one Screwdriver, four thumb grips caps, and four screws, making it a useful tool for the Nintendo Switch console. 

Easy to operate 

Due to its advanced and modern design. Suppose you have a Nintendo Switch console. But if you face issues with it, what will you do? The VTyzii kickstand can be used the kickstand for broken and damaged original parts. You can perform your Nintendo switch console repair work using the kit. The package makes it easy for anyone to change the back shell holder for a Nintendo switch. 

 With this set, you won’t have to replace your set due to repeated use, saving you money.  


Anyone can use the VTyzii kickstand replacement kit. This is one of the most amazing facts about the kit. You don’t need to hire any professional to replace your Nintendo switch console kickstand. Moreover, the kit set comes with each part to perform the repair work. So you will not lose or mess up while repairing. Make your repair work more efficient by preventing items from getting lost. You can install and replace it yourself, which is convenient and economical. That’s for sure a good idea.

High Quality and Durable

This VTyzii kit features materials of excellent quality. A durable and long-lasting replacement for the Nintendo Switch kickstand. Despite rigorous quality control tests, all standard size bits are stable and do not easily strip. Because of their durability and strength, they are ideal for long-term use. 

Money-Back Guarantee

The manufacturers of the VTyzii kickstand replacement kit are very confident about their products. This way, the product comes with a money-back guarantee. After buying the product, you can take back your money if you face any issue, which is another best product.  


  • You can easily fix your household items easily
  • Help repair almost everything from your original kickstand replace or broken, damaged, cracked original parts.
  • With this tool, you can save a lot of money 
  • You can easily carry the kickstand set 
  • The product is durable and long-lasting
  • You can easily use the Screwdriver for other works. 


  • Usable for only Nintendo switch console 

Why Should You Choose This VTyzii Kick Stand repair kit?  

You’ll need a high-quality and durable kickstand for your Nintendo Switch console. It is quite common for the user of the Nintendo Switch console they face issues with the kickstand. The VTyzii kickstand replacement repair sets something for you if you face the issue. It is the most adaptable and durable kickstand repair kit. The repair kit has everything you need to repair your Nintendo switch console. The screws, Screwdriver, and kickstand shell make it easy for anyone to replace the damaged or broker kickstand. You can carry the Toolkit around with you and use it quickly. 

Whether your kickstand, you can repair it all using the Screwdriver. Additionally, the Toolkit is affordable and made with high-quality material. The significant kickstand replacement set makes it convenient to carry and change the bit in various situations and fix the Nintendo Switch console. Thus, the kickstand replacement toll can help you improve your gaming experience.


Does the switch have a kickstand?

You can stand the Nintendo Switch screen on any hard surface without it having to be supported by a kickstand. The advantage of this is that you can play with a friend while looking at the same screen.

Can you get a replacement kickstand for the Nintendo Switch?

Some people may not be interested in changing the kickstand. The switch kickstand replacement is perfect if you want your kickstand to look like it did when it was new. You can get a kickstand from Nintendo for an affordable price! It’s a quick fix to make your switch look brand new.

What is the tabletop mode Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch can be used as a tabletop game console by removing it from its dock and laying it on a flat surface. It displays the game screen on the console’s screen. To use the joy-con controllers in tabletop mode, you must be detached from the console. In this way, the controllers can be used for single-player or multiplayer games.

Final Words

If you are using a Nintendo Switch console, you need VTyzii a kickstand replacement kit. With the right toolset, you’re always able to meet your needs. The VTyzii kickstand repair set provides you with everything for your Nintendo Switch console. You can use the kickstand replacement set for repair or replace your switch console kickstand. 


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