Household Sewing Machine

Imagine you come up with an enticing project idea and started with all anticipation only to find that your sewing machine doesn’t seem to be sharing your passion and decided to go on a hiccup. What else can be more frustrating than this? However, if you have a Qfun Sewing Machine, then fret not and dive into the article to explore common household sewing machine troubles and their solution.

Problem No. 1: No Power

Why does it happen? Because the adaptor of your sewing machine is not connected well. Insert the adapter again correctly and begin with your work.

Problem No. 2: Skipped Stitches

There can be multiple possible reasons for your sewing machine to skip stitches.

  • First, your needle may not be inserted properly to solve these issues. Insert it correctly. Also, make sure that it is is not bent or damaged, if so is the case, replace the needle with a new one.
  • Second, there are chances that the presser foot of your sewing machine is loose as it also makes your machine skip stitches so keep it slightly tight to make your machine work properly.
  • Thirdly, the direction of the threading may not be correct, rethread your machine in the right direction and make sure that you thread it from front to back.

Problem No. 3: Broken Stitches

This is a very complicated issue that can be annoying as well as dangerous.  Make sure you’re using the right type of needle for your project. You can use a new needle for your exciting project as it helps in eliminating further complications and issues whilst sewing. Stitches may break due to some possible reasons mentioned below:

  • Burr on pinhole – If so is the case, replace the needle with a new one.
  • Bobbin stitches are jammed – Make sure to rethread both the upper and lower stitches so that they can work correctly.
  • If your sewing machine’s tension plate or any part is burning or damaged, you are suggested to use sandpaper to polish the burning place or part of the machine.

Problem No. 4: Thread Bunching Up Under Your Fabric

To avoid knots of extra threads underside of your sewing, first, remove your fabric from the machine and rethread it. Make sure your presser foot is positioned upward while threading because if it is located downwards, it may result in making bunches under your fabric. Being careful to follow the essential threading schematic mentioned in your Qfun sewing machine’s manual. Also, ensure that you are using the right size needle for your project as the wrong sized needle may also lead to further problems as well.

Problem No. 5: The Needle Breaks

While sewing a piece of fabric of the needle, it may keep breaking. There are chances that the needle is already bent or damaged, or not inserted correctly, which causes it to get breaks again and again. Make sure that you insert and fix it in the right position – for this, insert and fix the needle the right way. Also, make sure to not leave any space once you are done inserting it. Lastly, screw the needle clamp tightly.

Problem No. 6: The Machine Cannot Sew the Fabric Properly

If your sewing machine is not working and not sewing the fabric properly then first recognize the type of the material of the fabric as the issue may be with the material itself. If you have to sew elastic, thick or napped fabric, then you must bring the right needles, presser feet and types of threads that can help you operate and manage your sewing machine properly. Also, note that sewing machines work well with roller feet when sewing thick or uneven materials – as the feet can easily pass the thick or heavy materials through the machine effectively.

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