Centrl punch

Want to hang a photo frame in your living room? But don’t know how to get a hang of that nail? If yes, then you are not the only one with such issues. In our mundane lives, we come across several trivial events where we get to handle screws and nails. However, the task becomes very tough if you don’t have the appropriate tools. That’s why CRAFTSMAN has brought top-class center punch. This 3-piece center punch set makes sure that all your nail drilling is efficient.

CRAFTSMAN center punches are made in alignment with international standards. If you are a craftsman or a mechanic, then your search for an efficient and reliable center punch ends here. You can easily use it to press a hole in any hard surface. The micro-tip of our center punch makes sure that you get a high-pressure point. The narrow tip design enhances the pressure by decreasing the surface area in contact. The stabilization feature of the center punch makes sure that your hammer always strikes at the aimed point. The pressure build point comes with huge accuracy with a CRAFTSMAN center punch.

Whether you want to just start a new hobby of crafting or you are a professional, having the right tools is very crucial. CRAFTSMAN center punch makes sure that you always get the best quality experience with our tools. You can use our center punch on hard surfaces without worrying about any stress impulsion. Here, we are going to elaborate what are the functions and key features of the CRAFTSMAN center punch.

Centrl punch

Functions of CRAFTSMAN center punch

The CRAFTSMAN center punch offers steady and reliable support for your crafting process. Striking nails or making points on a hard surface, everything is possible with our center punch. It is a multi-utility device that makes sure that you get top-quality performance. Various functions of CRAFTSMAN center punch are;

  • It enables the user to mark and hole the required places even on the hard surfaces. The narrow-built design makes sure that the pressure is always on desired target site. The narrow surface area enhances the build-up pressure even when applying a small force. The whole process of marking becomes easier with CRAFTSMAN center punch.
  • The CRAFTSMAN center punch also offers a high-quality built which can withstand huge pressures. The application of high pressure is possible with the CRAFTSMAN center punch. You can use it to make punches for nails or screws by using a hammer.
  • You can use our center punches to drive fasteners. The high built and easy to hold grip makes sure that you receive high-end performance.

Key features of CRAFTSMAN center punch

The CRAFTSMAN center punch 3-piece set includes three variants. All three of them are built to offer strong performance. The best material built with easy to hold grip makes sure that the CRAFTSMAN center punch 3 piece set offers the best quality experience. The color-coded handles make it easy to identify according to your work requirement. Let’s see what are the various useful key features of CRAFTSMAN center punch;

  • Bi-material grip

The CRAFTSMAN center punch comes with a bi-material grip. This makes it easy to handle while working. You don’t need to worry about losing hold of the center punch while hammering or measuring the mark. The strong grip makes sure that it is well stabilized in its place. You can easily use and handle the center punch while progressing your tool work.

  • Color-coded handles

The center punch comes with color-coded handles. The color gradation helps in handling the center punches with ease.

  • Strong material built

The center punch is built with strong material. It makes sure that the center punch is durable and strong. You get the best value for money with our center punch. CRAFTSMAN center punch 3-piece set makes sure to stay with you for years.

  • Variations for better performance

The 3 piece set comes with variations in tip sizes for different uses. You get all-in-one support with CRAFTSMAN center punch.


CRAFTSMAN center punch 3-piece set provides high-quality performance with its strong structural built, narrow tip, and bi-material grip. The strategical color-coding makes it easier to use. You can use it for making holes, measuring, or marking. Get the best quality performance with the CRAFTSMAN center punch 3-piece set!

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