Are you looking for an affordable watch repair kit that contains almost every kit to help you fix your watches? All watch enthusiasts and collectors should have a watch repair tool kit in their possession. If you’re interested in adjusting your watch bracelet or learning the basics of watchmaking, a great watch repair tool kit is the place to begin. There is a tremendous difference between different watch repair tool kits. Having said that, you should first clarify why you need a watch repair tool kit. A full repair kit contains everything you need to fix your watch. We will introduce one of the highest quality watch repair tools for you in our Fitepro Watch repair tool review. The watch repair tool kit is the perfect solution to most watch problems. 

Features of Fitepro Watch Repair Tool

Repair kit with a range of tools

The FitePro 342pcs watch repair tool kit includes 152 watch repair tools and a carrying case. With these tools, you can change the band on your watch and perform other common watchmaking tasks. This tool kit includes tweezers, pry knives, splitter replacement heads, spring bars, carrying bags, cleaning cloths, and watch batteries. In addition, you will receive a watch with steel teeth, a hammer, etc.

With this Fitepro service kit, you can open watch cases, remove watch links, remove spring bars, and adjust watch pins. This kit contains 130 pieces of fingernail protection and 60 pieces of the watch battery kit. It is suitable for both professionals and general users.

A Multi-functional tool 

It is important to include all the watch tools needed for every step of disassembling, assembling, opening, and closing. This professional watch repair tool kit will allow you to troubleshoot and repair common watch problems, such as adjusting a strap’s length, unlocking a back cover, replacing a strap, and even removing a strap. Besides, the toolkit can help you in every step of watch repair, from extreme repair to each making. 

Durability and Sturdy

Most of the watch tool kits you will get in the market are plastic. But with a Fitepro watch repair tool kit, the scenario is different. The watch repair tool kit is made from high-quality solid stainless steel, sturdy and practical. A solid stainless steel case opener with a 55mm opening capacity makes it easy to open traditional and oversized watches. Rather than spending money on watch repair shops, we can help you fix your watch problem at home. 

Easy to Use

Professional manufacturing has the advantage of being easy to use. It comes with a storage bag for easy storage, is portable, easy to collect, and makes the perfect gift. If you have any queries, you can use their 24/7 customer care. You can keep all the tools organized in the portable oxford bag that comes with it. 


  • The FirePro watch repair tool kit is designed to help you solve any watch-related issue at home, saving you a lot of money.
  • Usable for solving almost every watch-related issues
  • Durable and flexible latex finger cots provide maximum protection against harmful substances and scratches. Flexible and fit for most finger sizes. 
  • You can easily travel and store all the tools in a portable bag. 
  • High-quality manufacturing material makes the repair tools durable.


  • You may find the case opener little hard to use.

Why Should Anyone Buy the Fitepro Watch Repair Tool?

Fitepro’s multi-functional tool kit includes hundreds of tools that can be used to repair your watch. Any watchmaker would benefit from having this on their workbench. An essential tool set for beginners. A great value and a great way to save money. You can easily fix your watch at home with this kit. This is because the tools are high quality and precise. 

Fitepro’s watch repair tool kit can repair any type of wristwatch issue. With the easy-to-use tools, you can do everything from charging batteries to cleaning the interior. Instead of visiting a watch repair shop, you can fix your watch problem at home with the help of this watch repair tool kit. You can use the kits to adjust the strap length, replace the watch crystal, clean a watch, replace a crown, fix the battery, etc.

Additionally, despite the high quality, the product has an affordable price. All this makes it a desirable watch repair tool.   


How can I open the back of my watch?

Professional uses watch back case opener to replace the battery or fix any issue related to the watch. The case back opener has an adjustable tempered tip, so it fits most watches. Placing the case back holder in a vice, insert the case into the holder. Insert the case knife in the little slot at the back of your snap-back case. Pull upward to open the case. 

How can I Choose the best Watch repair kit set?

There are so many watch repair toolkits available on the market that you can choose from. When selecting the right tool for the job, you should ensure that the watch repair tool kit you purchase contains all the necessary tools. There is an important requirement that the tools are made from durable materials and are corrosion-resistant. Besides, you need to check the reviews and features so that you can meet your needs.

What does a watch repair tool kit include?

Most of the watch repair tools contain a few common tools. Take a look at the most common tools in a watch repair kit. The tool kit contains tweezers, a pry knife, splitter replacement heads, spring bar, carrying bag, cleaning cloth, and Watch battery. Besides, you will get a watch opener, steel teeth, a hammer, etc.

Final Thoughts 

With our Fitepro watch repair tool review, you can decide whether the product is right for you or not. When choosing the correct watch repair tool, most people are confused. There are many watch repair tools to choose from. It is one of the most popular watch repair tools with positive reviews. No matter your experience level, you can save a lot of money by using the tool kit.


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