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Whether you are a regular homeowner who is usually involved in renovation projects or a professional engineer, craftsman, architect or artist, you will agree that some tasks require accurate measurements. A single incorrect measurement can threaten the parts’ fitting and hamper the overall success of the project. This is exactly why you need a digital caliper. It is a handy device that measures correctness, giving one accurate reading about various physical properties of an object including length, height, width, inside and outside diameter.

While there are many models in the market, it may become challenging for you to select the ideal digital caliper. In this guide, we will discuss one of the best digital calipers that can assist you in precisely measuring to perfection, breaking down all about the caliper in detail.

Qfun 6-Inch Caliper Measuring Tool Featuring Extreme Accuracy, Water-resistance, Thickened Stainless Steel Body & Two Inch/Millimeter Conversion Metrics

A versatile digital caliper that craftsmen can use as it arrives. Having accurate measurements, no matter how many times you repeat the process, this caliper has been recommended by several experts. It can also work in fairly challenging environments.

With its high level of accuracy, extra-large LCD display, automatic on and off characteristic, water-resistance feature, first-class thickened stainless steel body, and two conversion metrics’ options i.e. inch and millimeter, Qfun digital caliper assists users in every way possible, making it stand out from the traditional digital calipers.

How is Qfun 6-Inch Caliper Measuring Tool Different from Others?

  • On-Point Accuracy

The caliper has a glass-reinforced grille mounted in the body. It helps in efficiently preventing the accuracy of the caliper which may be effected by magnetism, and humidity. The advanced electrostatic protection and over-speed chip ensure stability and accuracy no matter what a user measures. It has a measuring range of 0-6 inches and 150 mm with a resolution 0.0005” and 0.01 mm, and accuracy 0.001” and 0.02 mm.

  • Conversion Units – Fraction, Inches, & Millimeters

One of the best qualities that this caliper has is its three conversion units. It has inches, millimeter, and fractions modes. Usually traditional calipers have only two conversion units, inches, and millimeter. However, this latest Qfun caliper features practical fractions, displaying no small than 1/64ths for more real-world usability and permitting to convert and measure in fractions.

  • Comprehensive Functions with 2 Unit Conversions & Big LCD Display

Whether the caliper is used for external, internal, depth, and step measurement, Qfun’s advanced version of the digital caliper has four claws and a depth bar that can precisely measure without any hassle. The thumbwheel and the locking screw further make it simpler to get a reliable and repeatable measurement. It has two unit conversions i.e. inches and millimeter and does not require any setting at any point of the measurement. The LCD display is also huge and helps in quick, easy, and accurate reading.

  • Industrial Quality Caliper

The first-class thickened stainless steel – which is rust-proof and wear-resistant – provides higher precision and finish to prevent any burrs or sharp edges. The jaws in the caliper move smoothly and produce no jams at all. The shell adopts zinc alloy material. The exceptional workmanship of the caliper guarantees a longer span of life, making it more suitable for various industrial purposes.

  • Upgraded Battery and Decent Gift Set

Armed with a 3V CR2032 lithium battery, the functional digital caliper has a longer standby time than other traditional calipers which usually have an LR44 battery, satisfying all kinds of measurements with precision. Packed in a blue protective box including a user manual and spare button battery, this caliper is ideal if you want to gift it to a technical craftsperson.

  • IP54 Protection Grade & Multipurpose

The caliper tool comes with an IP54 rating which secures it against dust ingress sufficient to prevent the product from normally operating however, it is not dust-tight. Fully protected against splashing of water from any angle, oil stains, and solid objects, the digital measuring caliper works well in all environmental conditions. However, users must avoid using this caliper tool in water. Ideal to be used for jewelry making, woodworking, household, automotive industry, it can be great for mechanics, woodworkers, engineers, and homeowners involved in technical work.

Qfun 6-Inch Caliper Measuring Tool Stands Out from the Traditional Options

The main aspects that users look for in a digital caliper tool are its ability to measure accurately, measuring range, options for unit conversions, and durability. Qfun’s 6-inch caliper measuring tool has it all. From a thickened stainless steel body, IP54 protection grade, easy millimeter to inches switch button, big LCD display screen, and various options for different types of measurements including external, internal diameter, and step and depth, this multi-functional caliper serves all kinds of purposes. 

Buy professional Qfun professional digital caliper today and measure items with precision.

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