ratcheting crimp tool

Today we’re going to take a look at Qfun ratcheting crimp tool here, so this is a quality wire crimping tool with different connectors. so we got yellow blue and a red in this kit when we open the package.
If you are looking for a feature-rich wire crimper that can work with a broad range of wires, then Qfun wire crimping tool deserves your attention. Its well-built ratcheting mechanism ensures uniform and consistent crimps, and it has a dial for adjusting crimp force. A quick-release lever between the handles makes the occasional jamming of the tool’s jaws easy to resolve, and its soft, non-slip handles mean less hand fatigue even after a couple of hours of use.

A ratcheting crimp tool…a tool I never thought I need, until I used this one. As a specialist in the automotive industry for 19 years and now a mechanic in a different industry for the past three months, I’ve only use the “basic” non-ratchet crimp tool. This kits come with 700 connectors and a ratcheting crimp tool for $27.00. The connectors are worth that along. The connectors come in a sturdy case and they are nicely separated and the case is labeled with the sizes of whats in each section. The ratcheting crimp tool fits nicely in my hand and is easily used one handed. It’s looks the the teeth can be replaced easily or interchangeable with other crimping teeth. The teeth are marked the the corresponding color of with connector to use. I believe the ratcheting crimp tool will last a lifetime if used properly. I hate to admit this but it did take me a few time to get the hang of using it. The only one flaw of this wire crimping tool is that the jaws don’t easily release when they’re ratcheted closed. The quick-release lever is helpful in this regard, but getting to it after every jam can be time-consuming as it is a tight fit in the teeth. It’s still quicker and easier than using the “old” style. You can easily crimp a terminal with one handed ease. For $27.00 this is a steal. Ditch the “old style” wire crimpers and get yourself a modern pair.
And, one point we liked about this tool is that it comes with one year warranty, which indicates that the manufacturer is confident in the quality of this wire crimping tool . This article is is mostly focused on the crimping tool, so hopefully this article is helpful for you.

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