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To fix and fasten the rivet nuts easily, a wide range of rivet nut tools are used. This is because the rivet nut tools are reliable fasteners and easy-to-install as well. Into thin or weak gauge materials such as extrusions, tubes, panels, housings and casting, rivet nuts provide strong load-bearing threads, and tools used in this regard make the riveting job a lot easier.  Currently, many rivet nut tools have been introduced in the market, which makes the buyers confused about the appropriate and effective rivet nut tool that should be purchased. Hence, for enabling the buyer to purchase the right rivet nut tool, this article compares and contrast the Qfun Rivet Nut Pliers Set with other rivet nut tool in 2021.

Use of Each Part

Before using the rivet nut tool, you must have knowledge about the rivet nut parts and their specific purpose.  The use of each part is listed below

  • Steel Mandrel- This is used to clamp the parts that need to be machined.
  • Knob- It is used to load or unload the rivet nut or mandrel quickly when turned either in the clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.
  • Handle- It is used to provide a slip-free grip to the user.  

Qfun Rivet Nut Pliers Set

In the majority of the rivet nut tool kits, the pieces or machine accessories are scattered and due to which they are lost sometimes. But with this rivet tool kit, it is nearly impossible to lose any of the pieces as all the extra parts are stored in a careful design blow-molded carry case which is light in weight as well, ultimately making the product highly portable to any place. This product is manufactured from carbon steel which makes it resistant to heat up to 40 degrees centigrade.  The textured non-slip handles also provide a good grip on the user. As compared to the 11-inch length of Astro Pneumatic Rivet Nut, the length of the Qfun Rivet nut is 16 inches long with double composite hinges which facilitate the user in getting the work done with minimal efforts. 72% of the customers gave 5-star ratings to the product.

Comparison with Other Tools

Astro Pneumatic Rivet Nut Setter Kit, 60-Piece

This rivet nut tool is made with double compound hinges and a shorter handle. Unlike other models and rivet nut tools, no additional tools are required to change the head as it can be changed by using the hands only. Quick-change head and ease of use are the two main components of the product’s popularity. The price of the tool is only $66.99 only and 79% of Amazon’s customers have rated this product as 5 stars.

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