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A paper shredder is not something anyone would consider a necessity but as the need arises, it can easily prove to be a massive obstacle in otherwise smooth working circumstances. People, who have been through a situation where the absence of a mere paper shredder had impeded their jobs in the worst way and later on doubled the workload, would certainly grasp its significance to its truest value.

Hence why, to save our readers and customers surfing through the internet in search of the best options from any more trouble, we bring to you the best-reviewed indispensable office tool i.e.micro-cut paper shredder by Bonsen.

Following is a list of all the distinguishing characteristics of this office  product:

●  Usage:

The major  relief that this office product provides is that the buyer needs not look for dustbins to dispose-off paperwork anymore. Although the name suggests that this gadget is strictly for offices, it is just as efficient to be used at home as it is when used in offices.

The paper shredders for home office can be used to annihilate papers as well as credit cards, staples, clips, and junk mail. We can easily call it all-in-one.

●  Components:

The assembly might scare the users but it is fairly straightforward. The structure consists of:

-an opening to place paper

-a small visualising window

-waste basket

-control button

-hand slot

  Maximal efficiency:

The gadget is guaranteed to perform well. The shredding velocity is 70X per minute and the blades are extremely powerful. It can shred up to 150 sheets of paper in 4 minutes which easily meets one’s work requirements. There is also a 40 minutes cooling time which means one won’t have to constantly worry about the machine getting overheated after little use.


The cutting is minute i.e. 5/32” x 15/32” so that there is no disclosure of personal or financial information once it is put in the shredder.

  Overheating and Overloading safe:

On overheating the system switches the red light on while on overloading the red light is flashed continuously which makes the user well-aware of any possible threat and protection is ensured so that the shredder does not burn out before time. In case of overheating, the machine turns off on its own to avoid safety hazards.

  Auto start and stop:

The Bonsen paper shredder is equipped with the latest features of auto start and manual reverse. In addition, as soon as the head is lifted, the shredder stops working which can be used as a control in emergencies.

●  Capacity:

The 6-sheet micro-cut paper shredders for home office  has a 4-gallon wastebasket which is massive. So it is bound to contain all the junk without spilling over at any stage. This saves the user from going through the trouble of emptying the basket frequently.


One would expect an electronic gadget to have loud shrill or buzzing sound like juicers and vacuum cleaners. But not Bonsen shredder. It has a low humming noise whose frequency ranges less than or equal to 65 decibels that can easily blend in the background noise and can be ignored effortlessly. This feature makes this product highly economical.

  Easy usage:

Unlike other gadgets which have a long list of dos and don’t, a tonne of buttons to play around with and a thick instruction booklet to go through before the user can even begin to touch them without getting scared to death, this paper shredders for home office is relatively understandable and simple to use. It comes with only four modes:

-REV: makes papers rise up

-AUTO: start working

-OFF: stop working

-FWD: push the paper in

These basic rules can be well interpreted by every individual therefore no one would find this machine inoperable.

  Other options:

Bonsen has come out with many reliable shredders for home office options including 6-sheet micro-cut, 8-sheet cross-cut, 10-sheet micro-cut, 12-sheet cross-cut, 90-sheet automatic shredders.

Below we have enlisted several pros and cons of this  office product to help relieve buyers of any turmoil they might have.


●  Ideal capacity wastebasket

●  Easy to assemble

●  Easy to operate

●  High-speed shredder

●  Efficient blades

●  Auto start and stop

●  Overheating proof

●  Overloading proof

●  Safe to use

●  No paper jams


●  Even the low buzzing can be a nuisance.


This mighty little paypal shredder is known to shred without jamming, overheating and buzzing too loudly. It does not spare junk mails which often need a thorough cleanup and goes through them like a hot knife through butter. It is also a reliable option to be used for home necessities. The high-security level attained through overheating and overload protective features lower the risk of all sorts of safety hazards to near zero.

We aimed to clear away all predicaments of our readers to our maximum ability and guarantee them the reliability of this shredders for home office whose value for money is nearly 10/10. So don’t think twice and stop looking because what you want is right here

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