Laptops have become essential and must-have in every office.There is hardly a single office  that does not have a PC or a laptop holder riser. Especially after the onset of Corona, the majority of activities have shifted online. This transition, be it professional (like work from home), or educational (online classes), or other leisurely past times like gaming and online surfing, has set having a foldable stand  as a requisite.

Humans can also be quite careless. Another rising concern apart from the fading vision due to excess use of laptop raiser is ruined postures due to sitting at the same spot for hours while using laptops. Today, this article brings an ideal solution to save the user from getting tired while also protecting the workstation or PlayStation from accidental falls.

Arae has always fascinated its customers with affordable products for all practical purposes which have made this brand cent percent reliable.

Down below we have brought to you some of the key highlights of this laptop holder.

  • Color and design:

Any first encounter of a material thing is with our visual sense. Hence why the product needs to be pleasing to the eye and aesthetic to its core. Laptop holders by Arae do not disappoint at all with their sleek and posh outlooks and well-thought color selection to match all lines of environments and furniture. The holders come in three primary shades: jet black, glossy silver, and dull grey. depending on the requirements of the buyer, these three colors fit flawlessly.

If the holder is needed for a strictly professional office setup, the black and grey is recommended. While for domestic setups where professionalism can be compromised and one is looking for an unusual piece, the glossy silver is bound to take the cake.

The design is ergonomic in all senses of perfection and aims to provide convenience to the users.

  • Material:

The material chosen to make this laptop stand as sturdy and stable as possible is aluminum alloy. Alloys are not pure metals and provide utmost support. They are also relatively easy to clean and corrosion-free as compared to pure metal which can rust fairly quickly.

  • Adjustment:

Various adjustment sites and angles are set up in this laptop holder riser therefore it can literally be moulded to any angle and side without concern of breakage or permanent damage. One can keep changing the angles to relieve inappropriate posture caused by stiff hands, legs, shoulders, and neck. In addition to this, one can be up or down the level of the holder to match eye level.

The laptop holder by arae leaves no stone unturned to help the user practice appropriate posture.

  • Foldable and portable:

The holder is pretty easy to carry around and translate because it fits in all laptop bags and hand-carries. It folds over into a small log and comes with a cloth bag which can ensure it does not get damaged in any way. Due to this feature, this product becomes handy and highly recommended.

  • Compatibility:

The holder is compatible with maximum devices including laptops And tablets ranging from 9” to 15.6” (MacBook, iPad Air, iPad Pro, Lenovo Acer, Surface Pro 7, etc.) and even some phones too. Is anything more ideal than that?

  • Lightweight:

Nobody wants something this minor to cause a major inconvenience by weighing too much. It is therefore necessary to have a feathery light stand so it is even easier to be translated or shifted from one place to another. It only weighs 0.54 lbs which is equal to non-existent.

  • No slipping around:

The holder has rubber inserts in the form of a pad that binds it to the ground and also has enough grasp to not cause unnecessary slipping away and instability helping it in staying up.

  • Maximal heat dissipation:

Propped up laptops stand has all sides free to exhaust out the pent-up heat. Also, the holder has a grasp such that all the air vents are unrestricted and airflow is not blocked in anyway.  While laptops without stands heat up faster because the energy is not that easily let out and instead heaps up to eventually damage the equipment.

  • Affordability:

Products by Arae seem to have one thing in common: affordability. They are in a well-suited price range for most people which leads the buyer to not come up with any excuse to not buy them.

The pros and cons are as follows:


  • Lightweight
  • Proper ventilation of the gadget is possible
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Heat dissipation is maximum
  • Adjustment possible to a greater degree
  • Easy to assemble
  • Portable
  • Comes with a fabric pouch.


  • Not available in many colors


We have tried our best to answer any queries that the buyers might have regarding this product and we guarantee its durability and reliability. So don’t think twice and go for it! Laptop holders by Arae are the best. They don’t disappoint!

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